CDMA Full Form

CDMA Full Form

As a normal mobile phone user, most people knows that there are two type service provider is there, one is GSM and other is CDMA. In GSM we need a SIM card to make call, SMS internet etc. On the other hand, in CDMA, the cellphone itself contains internal SIM card that cannot be changed. Today hardly there is any popular CDMA service is there but in late 90’s and start of 2000, there was a tough competition between GSM and CDMA. In GSM we had freedom to choose mobile device as well as service provider but it was expensive and CDMA was budget friendly but we had limited choice of mobile device and need to stick to the service provider.

CDMA full form is Code Division Multiple Access. This technology mostly used for mobile and radio communication. This is based on multiple access. The meaning of multiple access is that multiple user can access the same available bandwidth at the same time. Now the question is how it is possible without interference with so many users. It has become possible with use of code multiplexing. All the users are given a unique CDMA code to use the whole bandwidth for the required period of time. CDMA network known as one of the optimized network due to the fact that bandwidth has not been divided among the user instead it shares the whole bandwidth among all the user.

The concept of CDMA developed long back but it was successfully implemented by Hutchison Telephone Co. in September 1995 in Hong Kong, but some sources says that it was QUALCOMM who implemented it in 1980. It was the standard technology for 2G internet service also as well as voice data. Later W-CDMA was discovered which popularly known as 3G service. In India, there were several popular CDMA service provider such as Reliance, Tata Indicom etc. With the time CDMA operators faced a lot of competition from GSM operator and now a day’s presence of this operators are rare in India. But in some of the non-commercial field still CDMA is used as preferred communication technology.

Advantages of CDMA:

CDMA is a strong network as it use the full bandwidth always and so less noisy because it is a spread network. It is more secure network compare to other network as it use CDMA code to encode the data and very difficult to decode for any hacker. Less call drop issue in this network. It can be incorporated with other network so roaming is available across the geographical location.

Disadvantage of CDMA:

This is more complex network to implement. Near far problem is there in the network. Network sometime jammed by itself. A huge increase in the number of user may degrade the quality of network.
So in this article we have discussed about CDMA full form and working system of CMD network as well as advantage and disadvantage of the system.

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