B.Sc. Full Form

B.Sc. Full Form

B.Sc. is actually a bachelor degree awarded to those students who complete the degree in three to five years. Bachelor degree can be done in any field and the duration of the degree depends upon the university or college or may be subject to subject. In some countries the name of this degree may be change but the courses and main concept of the degree remains the same. There are many degrees available for the intermediate passed students to get education in the bachelor programs and these programs are offered in every country of the world according to their rules and laws. B.Sc. full form is described in the below article and all the information related to the full form of B.Sc. is provided in the article below.

Full Form of B.Sc.

The full form of B.Sc. is Bachelor of Science and in the Latin language it is Baccalaureus Scientiae. It is also popular by the other names such as BS, B.S, B.Sc., B.Sc and the names which are less common are Sc.B, SB and S.B. It is an graduate degree awarded to the students on the completion of the courses which are generally lasted three to five years of education and a person who passed the examinations in these years that will be awarded with the bachelor degree. There are two subjects being taught in the different universities they are science subjects and arts subjects. Bachelor of arts for those students who have completed their courses of arts and Bachelor of science is for those students who have completed their courses in the science subjects. It totally depends upon the university for example a bachelor of economics degree may be named as Bachelor of Arts (BA) in one university but the similar degree in another university may be named as BS. Some colleges and universities in the world offers the BS degree even in the subjects other than sciences. Universities which offers both BS and BA degree in that case BS degree will be more extensive in the terms of courses and duration and it will offers to those students who wants to become professionals in their fields of interest.

School of foreign service in the Georgetown University offers the B.Sc. degree in all the degrees of foreign service and the students also have the option to choose subjects such as culture and history but the name of the degree remains the same as B.Sc. London School of Economics offers the degrees with the name of B.Sc. in all the subjects in which subjects other than sciences are also included. In the School of Communication of the Northwestern University offers the B.Sc. degree in the arts subjects such as radio, television, theater and dance. There are several other universities who offers the same program with the name of BS and BA also. The name of the degree is totally depends upon the university or college. The first university in the world who admitted the student in Bachelor of Science was University of London during the year 1860. Before this all the universities who offered the science subjects are also give the name BA to their degree programs like Physics, Botany, Mathematics and Physiology. The degree title vary from university to university or country to country but the titles are accepted every where and there is no distinct criteria to provides the exact names to the degrees with their subjects. Generally B.Sc. full form refers to the science subjects but it can be offered to the students of non-science subjects so the pattern of the bachelor degree names revolve around the countries with lot of variations.

Country to Country Differences

Now I will discuss the Bachelor degree title in the various countries. Concept of B.Sc. in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. B.Sc. is Australia is generally a degree with three to four years duration and M.Sc. (Master of science) after the honors degree is provided to the students who wants to go in the doctoral degrees. In the New Zealand an honors degree include an additional year of education for completion of post graduate degree and then they leads to the doctoral degrees and in the additional year students focused on the research so that they could get admissions in the doctoral degrees. In the South Africa the B.Sc includes three years but an additional year of education is required for completion of M.Sc. which ultimately leads them to the doctoral degrees.


In the different countries of Europe the duration of B.Sc. is different in every university according to the course contents. A bachelor of science degree received as a B.Sc. or BS but an honor degree receive a title of B.Sc. (Hons) or BS (hons). A bachelor degree without the honor degree is completed in the two years while with honors it will complete in three or four years. In the continental Europe now the concept of BA/MA is introducing which are equivalent of B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees.

United States

In the United States the bachelor of science includes four years duration in the different subjects such as engineering, mathematics, natural sciences and computer studies. After the completion of bachelor degrees students got another two years for doing the masters in the similar subjects and then they will get admission in the doctoral degrees. The most of the universities in the different states of the America followed the same procedure except the few universities which are following different patterns of the studies.


In Germany there are two types of universities which are responsible for granting the applied sciences degrees to the students. One type cannot offer the PHD programs but other type can do that. In Germany B.Sc. is equal to the degree of B.S.c (hons) and many universities of the Germans are now changing their setups to the BA/MA system. BA normally contains four year duration in the Germany in which eight semesters are included and every year include two semesters. Every BA and MA degree equal to the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science respectively.

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