What is the Full Form of AM?

What is the Full Form of AM?

AM is a very familiar term for almost everyone. We all often use AM when we say the time. But do all of us know what does it stand for! If you don’t know, then you are in the right place. We are going to discuss AM in this article. Well, AM stands for Ante Meridien. So let’s discuss this abbreviation and clarify all the doubts.

Full Information of AM

Time is the most important term in this planet. Whatever you do, you must do that according to time. Because if you do not follow the time table you may miss so many things in your life. However, Ante Meridien(AM) is a Latin word, which is used in 12-hour clock system to represent Before Noon.
It is used to differentiate the time in day and night in the 12-hour time zone. It divides the 24 hours of a day into two segments lasting 12 hours each (AM and PM). The first 12-hour length runs from midnight to noon and is designated by AM.

The terms 12 AM and 12 PM often because confusion also they are not technically correct. So, it is suggested to use 12 noon rather than12 PM and 12 midnight rather than 12 AM. The insurance companies and airlines use 12:01 AM to mark the start of an occasion that begins with the day and 11:59 PM to mark the end of an occasion which ends with a day to avoid possible confusion.

The 12-hour clock is the dominant written and spoken system of time in several countries. Predominantly in nations that are the part of the former British Empire, and the other countries follow this convention. However, especially in writing, the 24-hour clock is the standard system used in most countries. Some nations in Latin America and Europe use both of the two, preferring the 12-hour system in colloquial speech but they use the 24-hour system in written form and informal contexts.

Though AM is mainly used for Ante Meridien, there are still some other abbreviations of AM. Let’s know about those.
AM: Asset Management
AM: Account Management
AM: Amplitude Modulation
AM: Accounts Manager
AM: Administration Manager
AM: Application Manager
AM: Ante Meridiem
AM: Address Management
AM: Activity Model

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