Forbes 2018 Reveals world’s richest man?

According to Forbes list in this article, we are going to discuss who is the world’s richest man of 2018. In this, you will be surprised to know that Bill Gates, which has been running since the last few years number 1 Ranking, he has now moved to second place. So who is the richest man?

“Jeff Bezos”, the founder of Amazon, is the richest man in the world, who moved Bill Gates as the second position in the list of world’s richest men. His total earnings are US $ 130.8 Billion, Whose value is close to Rs.8,50,000 crore in Indian Rupee.


Born 12 January 1964
Business Technology Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist
Famous Amazon and Blue Origin
Net worth US $ 130.8 billion

Amazon, an E-commerce and cloud-computing site, belongs to Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of it. He started this site on 5 July 1994. But at that time it was named “Cadabra. com”. Later its name was changed to Amazon. com, on the basis of the world’s largest river.


Industry Online Shopping
Founded 5 July 1994
Founder Jeff Bezos
Headquarters Washington
Products Amazon Store, Amazon Echo, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Prime, Amazon Video

This website is the biggest cloud infrastructure site in the world. Bezos has the highest earnings from this but at the beginning, the aim of Amazon was to be established as an online bookstore. But after some years it started selling video downloads/streaming, audio-book download/streaming, software, video games, electronics, furniture, foods, jewelry, etc.
It also offers some key services like Kindle e-readers, fire tablets, fire TV and echo in their services.

How many employees work in Amazon-

More than 6 lakh people work in this company. This website is available in many languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Turkish etc.

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