30 Interesting Facts Related to England

England is a country that has made almost all the countries slaves and at one time captured almost 88% of the world. England is the largest country in the four countries of the United Kingdom, the country’s capital city is London, which is also the largest city of here, and the city is known for its beauty all over the world. Let’s talk now Some of the amazing facts related to England-

1. England is a very old country which has ruled almost all countries, this country is spread around 1,30,279 square kilometer.

2. England meets the border of the country by scotland and Wales border.

3. This country is located by Europe’s largest ireland Great Britain.

4. About 5.5 crore people live in England.

5. The name of the capital of England is london, but earlier it was not named London, it was known by the other name and it had also been Londinium.

6. Once a disease was spread in England, its neighboring country Scotland thought why not take advantage of this disease to attack England, but the soldiers of Scotland also suffered from this illness and gradually the disease was also spread in Scotland and in this nearly half of Scotland’s people died.

7. In England, you can drink alcohol in homes after 5 years, there is no restriction on you.

8. One of those kings who used to be very infamous, Richard’s body disappeared, which was not found for 500 years and their bodies were found under a parking lot in 2012.

9. Every year, a lie competition is hold in England and people come from many countries to participate in this competition, but lawyers and leaders can not participate in this competition.

10. There is a place here that is very festive to roam and this place is called Stonehenge. This place is so popular among tourists that they have to get tickets in advance to go here.

11. The invention of sandwiches has been done by the inhabitants of England, it is believed that Sandwich was the first to be introduced here.

12. World’s Famous Chocolate “kitkat” is brought to the world by England people.

13. Most of the games have been introduced to the world here only, as the world’s most popular game football has come from here, after which cricket comes, it has also been given to the world by the england inhabitants.

14. The English language which the whole world is speaking today is also given to the world by England, even today, the official language of many countries is also English.

15. England has ruled over 50 major countries including India America.

16. The currency of England is Pound sterling that if we compute in Indian Rupees, India’s rupees equals 83 rupees.

17. In 1666 there was a fire in London, in which half London was burnt, but only 6 people were injured in it and no one was killed.

18. There are about 8500 Indian restaurants in England and this restaurant covers nearly 15 percent of the whole of England.

19. England is a very small country, if we compare USA then it is 74 times smaller than Australia and 59 times from Australia and three times smaller than Japan

20. England’s population is 2.5 times higher than Australia.

21. England is not a very hot country where the temperature in India goes up to 50 to 55 degrees. In England, only 38.5 only have been highest tempered.

22. Some people think that in England only English is spoken, we want to let you know that this is absolutely wrong in England about 300 languages are spoken.

23. The national anthem of America is created by people of England.

24. The Queen of England has the right to the fish and wholesome dolphins as far as the sea is 5 km from the land of England.

25. The first train was also introduced in England.

26. Of all the population currently in England, 25 percent of those people are belong from another country.

27. England’s most popular game is football, and after that most cricket is preferred here.

28. The smallest battle in the world was against England and Zanzibar in 1896. You would be surprised to know that in just 38 minutes in Zanzibar, kneeling in front of England.

29. It is only 36 kilometers difference between France and England, which is connected to 1 channel tunnel, it was opened in 1994.

30. Christianity is considered to be the highest in England and after that here the second largest religion is Islam.

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