10 Amazing Facts of Rome

Rome settled in Italy is a very old town. According to historians, the city was founded in 625 BCE while Romans believes that it was established in 713 BCE. It is a very prosperous city at this time and the world is known for its architecture art and history.

Let’s talk about its Facts related to Rome:

1. The Rome is also known as another name such as “the Eternal City” Capital of the World etc.

2. The people of ancient Rome were worshiped to the toilet.

3. Room City is spread over 1285 square kilometers, in which approximately 287 280 people reside.

4. Rome City is the Capital City of Italy.

5. In ancient times, the Romans used to trade of pee.

6. About 20.4 million Tourist come to Rome every year.

7. Romans people had themselves counseled that is known as Cnet and these people used to rule Rome people.

8. The people of Rome were divided into four parts, the lowest level of them used to be slaves, and they were not given any special type of facilities. The Plebeians from the bottom came down to the second number. Equatorian who were used to come on the third number also called Knights, and the people of the highest class were called patricians and the real power of Rome was with these people.

9. In ancient times the blood of gladiator was used in the city of Rome. their blood was used to remove the disease like epilepsy.

10. The people in the Rome were very fond of eating food if they were going to any ceremony and from where they used to bring food with them so that they can also eat at home.

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