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The presence of water in our earth is very much quantity but it is our bad luck that we cannot use whole the water. From the 100 percent, we can only use 1 percent water. It shows that how should we carefully use water without wasting it. As I said you that there is almost 1 percent drinkable on the earth like this there are many more information or Facts about Water that you must know. Let’s know them–

1.If we talk about that which water freeze first from hot and cool then hot water freeze quickly than the cold water.

2.Water is the only substance in our earth that is found in all three states – solid, liquid and gas.

3.To flush the toilet once, around 6-liter water is spent.

4.The record of holding breath inside the water is the name of Alex Segura Vendrell. He was under the water for almost 24 minute and 3 seconds.

5.To drink more alcohol is not only lead to intoxication but also to drink water beyond measure can also lead to intoxication and even you may die.

6.The giraffe can last longer than the camel.

7.A child body consist 80 percent of water while the body of the adult person is made of 70% water.

8.Around 3.4 million individual die across the world in one year from water-related diseases and among them, most of the child died.

9.In China, there are 70 million people who are compelled to drink polluted water.

10.Out of 100 percent water 80 % water in on the surface of the earth while rest is in the form of vapor in the air and inside the ground.

11.A healthy person can drink almost 11-liter water in one day.

12.An elephant can detect the presence of the water from the distance of 5 km.

13.On our planet, there are around 200 million people who can not get the clean drinkable water.

14.To stay healthy a person must drink at least 2-liter water in a day.

15.In Africa, there are such many places where inhabitants bring the water from the 6 km away for drinking.

16.According to estimates, a person drinks around 14,600 gallons or 55,270 liters in his/her lifetime.

17.A person 83 percent of blood, 75 percent of brain and 25 % of bones is made of water.

18.The color of the water is light blue but water has no taste and smell.

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