21 United Kingdom facts that will amaze you

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We all know that the UK has ruled almost all countries and its terror has been tolerated by all countries and You must know that the United Kingdom is made up of four countries. But do you know when it is called Britain and Great Britain, if no then let’s first know – when England is mixed with Bells, then Is called Britain and when Scotland is mixed with England and Wales, then it is called Great Britain, and when the four countries are mixed together then it is called the United Kingdom. Now you will understand that when it is called Britain and Great Britain and UK.

Let’s know some of the amazing facts about the UK:

1. The currency OF UK is Britain pounds, if we compile India’s rupee, then equal to one Britain pound equal to 91 ₹ of India.

2. This country has so far ruled over more than 58 countries. It Shows people’s power and mind of here.

3. There is no religion here, but people here mostly believe in Christianity.

4. The capital of the United Kingdom is London and this is also the biggest city of here.

5. The Underground Railway first Station was originally built in the UK.

6. Nearly 20% of the United Kingdom’s income comes from London City.

7. The amount of vegetarians in UK is very low.

8. The United Kingdom is composed of four countries and 4 countries are England Scotland Belles and North Ireland, these four countries together make the United Kingdom

9. Most games such as football, cricket, rugby etc are invented by the UK.

10. The population of UK is around 6.5 crore.

11. Three Olympic Games have been organized in the United Kingdom so far.

12. If you have a UK passport then you can roam around in these four countries, no one will stop you from it.

13. If you cross the age of 100 in the UK or reach the age of 100, you are given a gift in a card by the Queen of UK.

14. The UK is spread around 2,42,500 Square kilometers, but in spite of it is surrounded by sea all around, and the distance of the sea cannot be more than 113 kilometers from any place.

15. If you want to call the toll free number in the UK, you can do it also via Skype.

16. According to a survey, it is found that people in the UK drink 135 million tea in just 1 day.

17. The world’s smallest airline is also in the UK, it just takes 2 minutes to reach one place to another.

18. UK passport is considered the world’s third most powerful passport.

19. Where in India almost 20 minutes of an ad is given in 1 hour. In the UK you can not ad more than 12 minutes in 1 hour. If you do this then here you can be punished because here this Is illegal.

20. UK is also a very attractive country for tourism, here, more than 3.5 crore people come to visit every year.

21. UK is made up of 4 countries but rules and culture of these four countries are very different and it does not match each other.

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