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The United States of America is a large country in North America which is often referred to as “the USA” or simply America which includes both densely populated cities and vast natural areas. The climate of the USA varies considerably across the country due to differences in latitude and geographic features. Here are 20 fascinating facts about the USA. Let’s Explore them:-

1.USA is the most obese nation in the world here around 33 percent people of its population is suffering from obesity.

2.The air force army of America is at number one position in the world whereas water force army at no. 2.

3.In the united states every year approx. 800 cyclone comes.

4.This is shocking but true in every 25 teenagers 1 teenagers try to commit suicide in America.

5.We can say American loves the animals because out of 3 amercian’s 2 have a pet.

6.Christmas, which is celebrated in America with great fanfare, was illegal till 1836.

7.Smoking is how much dangerous we can understand by it that every year in the usa, one in five deaths is caused by smoking

8.Smoking in some part of America is completely legal for the minors but purchasing for them from shop is not legal.

9.Pizza is so favourite for americans people that equal to 100 acres of pizzas served them everyday.

10.In America to join the army you must have the 10 fingers in your feet.

11.In USA 7 percent of all population claim that they have never taken bath.

12.Each of American population uses paper equivalent to 465 trees during his life.

13.In USA almost every American drinks 600 cold drinks in one year.

14.The statue of liberty was gifted by france to the usa in 1886.

15.Indians did not have the right to take the us citizenship until 1924.

16.50 million cycles is thrown by the americans in every year.

17.Americans people are in number one position to eat ice-cream in the world.

18.The flag of the America is designed by a school student – Robert G. Heft.

19.Claim by the fast food nation that from 8 americans 1 will work for the Mcdonald’s.

20.In America on an average a house get burn in every 45 seconds.

21.The population of the dogs in usa is approximately 5.5 crore.

22.Hawaii, which became the state of the America in 1959, is the newest state of the America.

23.In the Montana city the population of the animals is 3 times more than the humans.

24.America has no official language.

25.In one hour Approximately 60000 people pass over the America by air.

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