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Titanic, which was never called a drowning ship, was the great specimen which was built by the humans in 1912. Every person was struck by this tremendously beautiful ship and why should the people be interested in this also? On this ship, there was everything that a wealthy can imagine. Let’s Explore it more through some unbelievable Facts about Titanic

1.The ship which we know with name of TITANIC its full was royal mail ship titanic.

2.The titanic was the world’s largest ship of its time. The length of this was the 882 feet and height was equal to 17 storey-building.

3.This ship was made in 1912 and it was the greatest thing made by man at that time.

4.In the titanic around 3550 people were present among these almost 1540 people lost their lives in that accident but 306 dead bodies only were found.

5.That water in which titanic immersed its temperature was minus 2 degree Celsius. at this temperature no one can survive more than 15 minute.

6.The maximum speed of titanic was 43 km per hour.

7.In this ship 860 crew members were available among these only 23 were women.

8.At the time of inauguration of titanic there were approximately 100,000 people were gathered to see this.

9.To run the titanic ship 600 tons coal was needed every day, for this there were 176 crew members use to be engaged in this whole day.

10.It is believed that the passengers of titanic had luggage of 60 million dollars including cash, jewellery etc.

11.The noise of the titanic whistle could be heard up to 16 km away.

12.Titanic had four chimneys, out of these three were useful and one was fake that was used to make the balance of the ship.

13.In this ship 13 new married couples came to celebrate their honeymoon.

14.The debris of the titanic was found after the 73 year of sinking on September 1985. This debris was found in depth of at 12,600 feet.

15.At the last time the titanic broken into 2 pieces from the middle but scientists have not yet been able to tell clearly why ship broke into two pieces. Both of these pieces are still in the sea and the distance between them is 600 meters.

16.This ship was made by 3000 people and they took around 26 months to build it.

17.Titanic started its journey from Southampton to New York in 10th April 1912 and after 4 days it collided with a snowberg and began to fill water in its drainage area.

18.It is said that after the collision of the Titanic it took 2 hour and 40 minute to submerged in the sea.

19.The iceberg, from that titanic was collided, was 100 feet high and come from the greenland’s glacier.

20.Many movies and documentaries have been made on the titanic but the titanic film was the most discussed film on it which had released in 1997.

21.In this ship those people were also available who were not going to travel from it but the owner of company “white salt line” cancelled its two marine vessels due to lack of coal and shifted its passengers to the titanic.

22.The ticket of first class of the titanic that time was 4350 dollar and the second class was 1750 dollar and for third class it was 30 dollar. In today’s time, the cost of the dollar is compare then a passenger has to pay 5 million to make to trip.

23.Around 250 people were injured and two were killed during the construction of this ship.

24.In this ship nine dogs were also boarded but only 2 of them could survive in that accident.

25.Iceberg was seen even a little earlier, but the crew members of the ship did not have the telescope. It was placed in a locker whose key had lost.

26.The lifeboat of this ship was closest to those who took 1st class and second class tickets. Therefore most of the passengers who survived were among the first and second class.

27.Despite the news of the drowning of the ship, its musicians continued playing songs till the last breath so they could spend more time happily in their last moments.

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