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Although, it’s true that to understand a woman is very difficult and many times it has proven and even our ancestors has described it don’t waste time to understand her just love her. So here I am not telling about this that how can we understand women, I am just sharing some Facts about the Women let’s read it and about them-

1.We think that girls or women don’t like to talk shit, but it is not like that they also like it but they don’t talk it openly.

2.We all know that women like talking and estimated in a day they speak almost 20,000 words while men speak only 13,000 words daily.

3.The heart of women beats more than men. approximately women heartbeat 80 times in one minute whereas man heartbeat 70 times only.

4.Mrs. Vasilyev, a Russian woman, has the world record to give the birth highest number of the child. She gave birth to 69 children.

5.We can say that this time woman is not behind to men because in the US around 30 percent business owners are women.

6.There will be some sadness in listening but true in every 90 seconds a pregnant woman die at the time of delivery.

7.In Russia, 90 lakh or 9 million women are more than the men due to this whenever a boy born in this country then government provides a reward to his parent.

8.Men are tough here – because where men cry in one year average 7 to 17 times in contrary women cry in one year around 30 to 64 times.

9.On an average, a woman tells a lie two times in one day.

10.The ability to smell in women is much than the men.

11.On an average, a woman spent her one year only in thinking “ what should I put on today? “

12.World top 20 richest women get rich by inherited of the property of her father or her husband.

13.By the way, cancer the day is celebrated is 4 February, but still in America only in every 13 minutes women die from breast cancer.

14.The average age of living the life of women is more than the men.

15.This time women are very efficient in IT field also and why not because the first computer programmer was a woman and her name is “Ada Lovelace”.

16.In a study, it is found that most of the women cannot keep a secret more than 2 days.

17.Whereas in India population of women are less than the men in contrary in America women are 2% more than the men.

18.8 out 10 women wear wrong size bra.

19.In a study, it is found that after break-up women are less hurts then the men.

20.Women in her lifetime use above 2.5 kg lipsticks.

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