Facts About The River

To survive for human and other living things water is essential as much as food. Till now we have found many planets but we can not live on them due to lack of water. But the water we need just come from the river and can say River is the main source of the water for every living creature. Till now you have understood that how much river is important for us but still there are many others amazing facts and things that you must know-

17 Unbelievable Facts about the River

1.There are two types of river found in India one is the rainy river and another is a permanent river.

2.A presumption it is believed that the ratio of water that flow above the river and the water that flows below the river is 38:1.

3.Interesting to know that the river gets the maximum contribution of ground water only from the shallow aquifers.

4.The river-groundwater always flow towards the lower terrains due to gravitational force.

5.About 70 percent of the water flowing in the river system is debris while the rest is of dissolved chemicals.

6.River generally origin from the glacier, mountain or waterfall and gets absorbed in sea or lake.

7.The longest river of the earth is NILE which is 4,160 miles long. The origin of the river this river is from the lake victoria.

8.The river passes through 3 stages in its life – youth, mature and old stage.

9.For the health or to become clean of the river “Riparian zone” play very important for it. Where some special type of flora is found.

10.Still, the origin of the Amazon river is not found. In it, researchers have a different opinion. no body has valid proof of this that where is the origin source of this river.

11.Spreading in the 8 countries in South America this is the largest in volume in water and the second largest river on the planet.

12.In the earth, there are 17 countries, in which no river available.

13.The smallest river of the earth is “Roe river”. Which was just 200 feet long.

14.River Thames is the cleanest river on the earth and the length of this is 346 km.

15.Sarno river, which located in Italy, is the most polluted river of the earth and along with some others river like- Ganga, Passaic river are also very polluted.

16.Although it is difficult to know but it is believed that the oldest river of our earth is Finke river of Australia. Which is assumes that it is 350 to 4oo million years old.

17.The country which has most river is Bangladesh.this country is known as “the land of rivers”. Here are 700 rivers.

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