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In this article, I am sharing some facts those are related to mobile. As we know that mobile has become our need without it it is like impossible to live but do you know Amazing things about is like when it was invented, who clicked the first selfie from it if not then read it below,some of Facts about the cell phone

1.At the present time in the world there are above the 6 billion cell phones available.

2.This is really amazing that 70 percent of the mobile phone among the whole mobile are made in China only.

3.A South Korean company uses a ringtone that escapes the mosquitoes. The company name is SK Telecom.

4.90 percent people of Japan uses the waterproof mobile phone because they use the cell phone at the time of taking bath.

5.On an average, in a phone 3 percent gold is used. If all the cell phones of the world are mixed then we will get almost 26000 tonnes gold.

6.The harmful waves which are released by the cell phones from them up to 75 percent absorbed by out brain.

7.In India, there are more Cell Phones than the Toilets.

8.Found In the research the risk of brain tumor in people who use mobile is 2.5 times more than who do not use it.

9.Apple sold 340,000 iPhone phones every day in 2012.

10.On an average, every person unlock his/her mobile 100 times in day.

11.In the world among the whole, cell phone users 90 percent read the text messages on their mobile within 3 minutes.

12.If your cell phone is locked at that time also you can dial 112 number in your phone.

13.The first message from the mobile phone was sent by the Neil Papworth in 1992 that message was “Merry Christmas”.

14.In the whole population of the world around 80 percent, people use the Cell Phone.

15.The first photo from the mobile was taken by the “Philippe Kahn” in 1997. He also invented first Camera Phone.

16.We all know very well that Chinese people are very creative. This is an example of that a Chinese made a cell phone that is charged from the coca-cola.

17.The first call by mobile phone was made by “martin cooper”, an employee of Motorola company, on April 3, 1973.

18.The Mobile who sold most in the history of mobile is Nokia 1100. The sales of this phone was above the 250 million.

19.In 1983, the first mobile phone was made in the USA. Its price was 4000 dollar that time and it was the phone of the Motorola Company.

20.Apolo 11 lunar, which was sent to the moon, processing power was less than the today’s ordinary phone.

21.The strongest cell phone of the world is Sonim XP3300. This phone is recorded in Guinness world record.

22.Till now 180 plus i-Phone has sold.

23.When your mobile battery gets down and wants to recharge it instantly that time you can recharge your mobile by dialing *3370# after dialing and restarting your phone will be charged up to 50 percent.

24.As we all know that there is a unique IMEI number of every cell phone. If you want to know this then just you need to dial *#06#.

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