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In this article,we will talk about the largest country of South America that is spanning around 8.5 million square kilometers yes I am talking about the one of the most beautiful nations of the world “Brazil” where footballer likes “Pele” took birth and enhance the pride of this nation in the world. Let’s discuss some amazing Facts about the Brazil-

No. of States26
Population20.77 Crore
Located inSouth America
Area Covered8,459,418 sq.km.
Ranked (Area Wise)5th
Ranked (Population Wise)5th
Largest CitySao Paulo

Flag of Brazil:

1.There is a group of individuals in Brazil which is known as “Bororo”. In this group all members blood group is same that is “o”.

2.Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world just after the Russia, Canada, United States and China.

3.In Brazil, there is a city that name is “Nao-Me-Toque” which means “don’t touch me”.

4.The official name of Brazil is “Republica Federative do Brasil”.

5.In 1877-79 in Brazil, there was a severe drought, that we can say most fierce dry of brazil’s history, in which around half million people had lost their lives.

6.In every 10 minutes, a person is killed by somebody in Brazil.

7.Brazil is 2nd after the America in term of number of airports. There are 4093 airports in Brazil.

8.Brazil was slave country of Portugal and it gained independence on 7 September 1822.

9.In the Brazil largest number of species of monkeys are found in comparison to other nations.

10.From the last 150 years, Brazil is the largest producer of the coffee in the world.

11.In Brazil, there is a soccer stadium in which around 1 lakh 80 thousand audiences can watch the match together at a time.

12.Brazil is the most spoken Portuguese language nation in the world.

13.Brazil has changed its capital three times after the independence. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and currently “Brasilia” is the capital of it.

14.Brazil Is the 1st southern American country that has hosted the Olympic games.

15.In term of population, Brazil is the 6th largest country in the world. the population of here is 20.77 crores.

16.Voting in Brazil is mandatory, if a person does not vote, then his passport is canceled.

17.In Brazil, if a mother’s milk is not sufficient for a child, then on behalf of the Brazilian government, the milk of women’s breast is provided to that child. Whom children drink with a nipple bottle.

18.Brazil is 6th position in the world’s richest person list.

19.There is an island in Brazil “ilha da Queimada Grande” that also known as “snake island”. In which island in every square meter 5 snake live those are very poisonous. Common man can not go there due to ban of Brazilian government here only researcher and scientist can go.

20.In drug smuggling, Brazil is retain the number position. Here the price of drug is less up to 30 times in comparison to other countries.

21.In the second world war, Brazil was the only country in America, which sent its soldiers to fight in the war.

22.In Brazil, there are total 19 UNESCO world heritage sites.

23.If you look the capital of Brazil from above then it looks like the airplane.

24.The inhabitants of the Rio De Janeiro’s city are called the “Cariocas”.

25.The price of the apple mobile in Brazil is double in comparison to the America.

26.Pedro Alvars Cabral, who had gone for found to India accidentally reached Brazil on 22 April 1500. Where he claimed that Brazil is under the Portuguese empire.

27.The national dish of Brazil is a feijoada that is made from the Black Bean.

28.World’s largest river by volume “Amazon’s” more than half share in Brazil.

29.Brazil is the 1st South American country to accept women In the army in the 1980s.

30.Green color of the Brazil flag’s shows the forest of the Brazil, yellow indicates minerals stores while blue circles and stars mark indicates that morning when Brazil was liberated on 15 November 1889.

31.The 1st printing press in Brazil was established in 1808 in Rio De Janeiro.

32.Located in the Brazil, banalal island is world’s 2nd largest fluvial island.

33.Sex reassignment surgery is free from 2008 by Brazilian Public Health System.

34.The national bird of the Brazil is “macaw”.

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