Facts about Nigeria

Nigeria is a country of Africa which is also the most populous country here. This country is inhabited in the west side of Africa. If we talk that Nigeria is a new country or old, then it is a very old country, it was founded around 9000 BC and the civilization of this is still seen here. Not only this, there is also a lot of places to roam in Nigeria such as – Niger river this river is so beautiful that tourists come from a distance to see it, besides the Yankari National park, long Juju Shrine Of Arochukwu and Chad Lake are some of the places to visit.

Now let’s talk about some facts related to Nigeria-

1. The official name of Nigeria is the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2. Nigeria’s name is placed here on the third longest river Niger.

3. Islam religion and Christian religion are considered to be main religion in Nigeria, and besides this there are 500 more Ethnic group live.

4. Africa is ranked seventh in the world in terms of population and comes before China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan.

5. Africa’s population is close to 18 crore, which is why it is the most populous country in Africa.

6. Nigeria’s population is growing very fast; in 1911, the population here was approximately 1.5 crore, while at present it is 18 crores and it is estimated that by 2050, the population will be 44 to 45 crores.

7. Where India has 29 states, the same Nigerian is made up of 36 states.

8. Nigeria spreads in about 9,23,768 square kilometer.

9. More than 500 languages are spoken in Nigeria, but the main language here is English.

10. After two years of independence in Nigeria, the civil war had started here.

11. Nigerian berth rate is highest, meaning girls here give birth to most children. Here birth date is very high.

12. Nigeria is Africa’s largest country in terms of economy.

13. If most of the twins are found in the world, then it is found only in Nigeria.

14. Nigeria’s democracy is the seventh largest democracy in the world.

15. Nigerian currency is naira and if you compare us with Indian Rupees, then India’s ₹ 1 equivalent to Nigeria case is 4.5 naira.

16. In India, where there are 3 seasons, there are only two seasons in Nigeria where there is a rainy season and there is a dry season besides these two seasons are 6-6 months.

17. Nigeria is a very sensitive country towards AIDS, compared to other African countries, there is very less AIDS.

18. Nigeria is considered to be one of the world’s emerging power because it is developing very fast. its earning sources are its mineral oil and service sector etc.

19. Here is a city, Logos which is the most populous city in Nigeria.

20. Nigeria is not behind in the film industry, it is home to the second largest film industry after Bollywood and the film industry is known as Naliwood.

21. Nigeria is very much ahead in the case of corruption, there is a lot of corruption here.

22. By the way, this number is considered low but we still want to tell you that there are 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Nigeria.

23. The reason for Nigeria’s economic source is to export petroleum, rubber and cocoa.

24. Nigerian’s 3 largest ethnic groups are Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo.

25. The average age of a person in Nigeria is only 52 years and that is because there is a shortage of water as well as lack of amenities, due to which the people here live less.

26. Nigerian country located in the west of Benin and near Chad and Cameroon in the east.

27. Many types of species of wildlife are found in Nigeria, which are not found in elsewhere, some of those are Skinner’s Gyonon and Ibadan Marimba etc.

28. Nigeria is not far behind in the case of oil, it comes to the tenth best in the world in terms of oil production.

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