Facts About Mars

As many as planet we have searched among these, After The Earth, Mars is II planet where life is possible. many researches have taken place on this planet and we have found water on this. that shows life may be possible on this planet. except for the possibility of life on this planet, there are lots of amazing facts that we should know about this. let’s know the Facts About Mars-

1.Mars is the second smallest planet in the universe after the Mercury.

2.If we talk about the quantity of oxygen on Mars then there is only 0.5% oxygen available.

3.We can also see the Mars from the Earth by naked eyes but only sometimes.

4.The name of the Mars planet is kept after “Roman god” due to this person of Greece regard this planet as a God of War.

5.The surface of the Mars is red due to this it is also known as the “red planet”.

6.The day of mars is large by 39 minute and 35 seconds in comparison to the earth.

7.Where in the earth a year completes in 365 days, it takes 687 days to complete a year in the mars.

8.There are two satellites in the mars one is “Phobos” and another one is “Demos” and the Phobos is larger than the Demos.

9.The axial tilt of Mars is 25 degree. it is very similar to earth because the axial tilt of Earth is 23.5.

10.Most of the scientists believe that there would be ever water on the Mars.

11.Mars is the only second planet After The Earth where the atmosphere is present.

12.The average temperature of Mars is – 55 degree Celsius and the temperature of Mars surface is varies from 27 to 127 degree Celsius.

13.If we compare the gravitational force of the mars to the Earth then it is less than the earth.

14.The distance of the Mars from the sun is 141 million miles or almost 23 crore km and if we talk about the distance between the Earth and Mars then the average distance between them is 225 million kilometer.

15.The success ratio of mission that sent to the Mars is Around 50% till now only 20 out of 42 mission have succeeded.

16.If a person weight on the earth is 100 kg then his weight will be 38 kg on the Mars.

17.There is a mountain on the Mars that name is “Olympus Mons” its height is almost 25 km. this is the highest mountain of the Planet of the solar system.

18.On the Mars planet the rise of dust storm is very common.

19.The color of the surface of the Mars is red because the surface of Mars contained iron and other elements like sulphur and chlorine.

20.In the crust of the mars there are some elements those are found in large quantity they are magnesium, calcium, ammonium etc.

21.If we talk about the gases that which all gases are found on Mars then carbon dioxide is found there around 96%, nitrogen 1.8% and left other gases.

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