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“INDIA”, which is also known as Hindustan, Bharat and Aryavarta, is full of diverse and renowned across the world for its “Unity In Diversity”. This is one among the fast growing or developing country in earth that also define its incredible culture, rich heritage and traditions extremely well. Along with these exceptional endowment india also replete with stunning facts which must amaze you when you will know them. let’s explore-
CapitalNew Delhi
No. of States29
Population132 Crore
Located inAsia
Area Covered3,2847,264 sq.km.
Ranked (Area Wise)7th
Ranked (Population Wise)2nd
Largest CityMumbai

Flag of India

(A) The “Art Of Sailing” was fisrt invented in the world at the “indus valley of india” in 6000 years back.

(B) “Kumbh Mela”, which organized in india after every 12 year, is the largest “Fair or Hindu Festival” of the world that can be seen from “space”.

(C) Among the whole country’s of the world in india most of the “Festivals and Holidays” are celebrated.

(D) India was the “Richest Country” of the world till 17th century.

(E) Takshashila is considered as the first university of world that was started in 700 BC.

(F) India has never attacked to any other country till now.

(G) The most vegetarian in the world is in india due to this “PIZZA HUT”and “KFC” opened their first vegetarian restaurant in india.

(H) The number of mosque in india is 3 Lakh which is the most in any other country of the world and apart from this the “Islam” religion is Second largest in india and the world.

(I) Algebra, Trigonometry and calculus were discovered in india.

(J) India is the 7th largest country in world in size, 2nd largest in population and largest in democracy.

(K) Shampoo has been discovered in india. The word “shampoo” is derived from hindi word “champoo”. Firstly shampoo was used as an ayurvedic treatment to reduce fatigue and tension.

(L) The indian kabaddi team so far has won all the 5 world cups those were organized in last 20 years.

(M) The world’s largest family lives in Mizoram in india. In this family a person with his 39 wives including 94 children, 14 daughter-in-law and 13 grandchildren lives together in four storey building.

(N) The largest school of world is placed in Lucknow, india. In this school around 45 thousands students are studying.

(O) In india there are 1,55,001 + post offices that is largest in the world and there is also a “floating post office” that is on Dal Lake in Srinagar.

(P) In himanchal pradesh there is cricket ground that is highest cricket ground of World with an altitude of 2,444 meters above the sea level built in 1893.

(Q) India was first nation to discovered the water on the moon in 2009 with the help of “Chandrayan” satellite.

(R) The “Science Day”, which is celebrated in Switzerland 26 May, is a tribute to Dr. A. P. J abdul kalam because that day Abdul went to there.

(S) India is that country in whole planet where after america “English” is spoken most.

(T) “Yoga”, which makes fresh us and very popular this time acorss the world, is introduced by india before almost 5000 years.

(U) people of “Shani Shinganapur” do not put door in their homes. They believe that if anyone will steal, he can not escape from that town and diety “Shani” give him great punishment.

(V) In india each year almost 33,000 muder takes place. This is the highest number of murder that happened in any country of the world.

(W) Jantar-Mantar, The Stone Observatory of jaipur, is the largest stone monument in the world which was built by Rajput Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh – ll in 1734.

(X) among the all doctors of “America” approximately 38% of doctors are indian.

(Y) The favorite game of mughals “Ludo” was invented in india. It was started in india around 6th century.

(Z) Varanasi, one of the most sacred city of the india, is the oldest city of world.

(AZ) The “Shirt” which we put on that buttons were discovered in india.

(BZ) Some people believe that “Hindi” is the National language of india but it is nothing like that In india no National language. We can say hindi is a official language of india.

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