21 Fascinating facts about George Washington

George Washington was a key person in the founding of America. He did not attend college. However, because he had an affinity for math, he started his career as a surveyor for Culpepper Country at the age of 17. He was also commander in chief of the Continental Army and later he became the first president of U.S. (from 1789 to 1797). Let’s discuss some of fascinating 21 facts about George Washington.

1. George Washington was the first president of America and he was considered to be the “father of the nation”.

2. George Washington was not so educated. he went to school only for 9 years because his mother couldn’t afford to send him to school.

3. Washington left the school at the age of 15 years to become a surveyor.

4. Washington was married to a widow who had already 2 children.

5. George Washington had no children.

6. George Washington was born on 22 February 1732 in Virginia, Popes Creek.

7. The use of the middle name of his time was not so usual due to this he didn’t have a middle name.

8. There is a misconception about the George Washington that his dentures were made out bored but this is not absolutely right.

9. Some individuals think that George Washington word a white wig it is not so he has his own original hair what he used to be powder his hair to give iconic white color because that time it was a very popular style.

10. George Washington wanted to join the British or Royal Navy but his mother didn’t want to be sent off there so she refused to let him.

11. It is very famous about the George Washington that he throw a silver dollar in the Potomac River but it is not true it is just a myth only.

12. George Washington was the very good dancer of his time and he was very energetic.

13. Even though George Washington was very energetic and physically strong person but he suffered his whole adult life due to dental problem.

14. George Washington was awarded the highest rank in the US military. it means no one will ever rank higher than him in this army.

15. Apart from the dental problem, he has a listless another problem in his life and he was considered one of the sickliest president in american history. some of the disease among them are smallpox, malaria, and tuberculosis etc.

16. As we know that Washington had not his own child so there is a possibility that he was infertile.

17. As Washington belonged to Christian religion but he was not so religious person.

18. George Washington was very fond of writing and in his life, he wrote around 18000 to 20000 letter.

19. Before becoming a military leader he was a professional surveyor and in this role, he surveyed nearly 200 lands.

20. George Washington had and very attachment with dogs due to this he had more than 30 dogs.

21. Washington was very foodie person and some of his favorite dishes are – string beans with mushroom and cream of peanut soup etc.

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