29 Interesting facts about Facebook

It is impossible that you never heard the name of Facebook once in your life yes because Facebook has become the part other human life. It is like food, on a day a person must check her or his account. This is the biggest social networking site in the world you know very well but except this, there are many others facts about facebook you must read. let’s explore them-

1.Bizzare but true mark Zuckerberg takes one dollar every year as a salary.

2.Estimated on the Facebook 2.5 billion pictures get upload every month.

3.The person who uploaded the first photo on the facebook was Al Pacino.

4.In the Facebook, there are 140 languages available. Users can use and translate the language according to their convenience.

5.“Like” button, which is available on the facebook to like the photo, mark firstly decided to keep this name was “awesome”.

6.In the 2017 fourth quarters, there were around 2.2 billion monthly active users in the facebook.

7.If Facebook was a country then it would be the fifth largest country in the world.

8.Facebook record all the activity of users if users do any other work on the internet by logging into facebook account.

9.In an average smartphone user sees facebook 14 times in a day.

10.If the server of facebook is got down and does not work properly then the facebook would be loss 25 thousand dollars every minute.

11.Every day Facebook is attacked by nearly 6 lakh hackers.

12.Facebook spends 30 million dollars on its hosting only in every month.

13.Approximately 25 percent users of facebook already have been banned.

14.The constitution of Iceland was written with the help of Facebook.

15.The amount of 500 dollars is given to that person who can hack the facebook and if you will catch any mistake in then facebook gives you reward.

16.The color of the Facebook is blue because Facebook’s founder mark has color blindness. He cannot identify a blue and green color.

17.You can block mark id on facebook at any condition or case.

18.Among all users of Facebook, 30% users belong to the USA.

19.83 percent prostitutes have remained fan pages on the Facebook.

20.A report is presented by the facebook related to fake account In which Facebook revealed that most of the fake accounts are made by the Indians.

21.In the facebook every minute 18 lakh “like” are happening.

22.At this time there is around 3 crore dead people’s profile are available on the Facebook. but this account can be changed to memorialized account on Facebook by reporting to the Facebook by providing the information about the death of that person.

23.After writing in the facebook status updates box even you do not post it, it gets saved on the server of the Facebook.

24.The person who invests in the facebook firstly was the co-founder of PayPal “Peter Thiel”. He invests 5 lakh dollars in it.

25.In December 2009, Facebook made some changes in the privacy setting, after which a photo of the mark in which he had caught teddy bear got published.

26.Facebook is banned in China since 2009.

27.While doing the sex 5 percent Britishers are using Facebook.

28.Facebook became the biggest cause of divorce in America in 2011.

29.In 2009, Facebook refused to give the job to WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton.

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