36 Interesting Facts about Canada

In this blog, we will discuss that country which is known as the “The Land of the Lakes”. This is the World’s Second Largest Country. I think till now you have understood that about which Country am I talking if not then let me tell you I am talking about the “Canada” yes it’s Canada one of the most beautiful Country of Earth. Now Let’s know about amazing facts about Canada:

Country Canada
Capital Ottawa
No. of States No
Province 10
Territories 3
Population 3.63 Crore
Located in America North
Area Covered 9,984,870 sq.km.
Ranked (Area Wise) 2nd
Ranked (Population Wise) 38th
Language French
Largest City Toronto

Flag of Canada:

1. America has attracted twice in the Canada once in 1775 and and another time in 1812. But both the time America lost.

2. In the whole world the highest number of lakes is found in Canada. This country is the land of 2 million lakes.

3. According to the area Canada is the second largest country of the earth.

4. In the Canada prostitution is legal but t,o buy the prostitute is not legal.

5. The longest coastline of the world is in the Canada. Its length is 202,080 km or 125,567 miles.

6. This country also with largest water area in the world.

7. The official phone number of the Canada is very different from other countries it is 1-800-0-CANADA.

8. In Canada, you can take a snake on the public place. You may be jailed on doing this.

9. The name Canada is taken from the Huron-Iroquois word “Kanata” which means village or settlement.

10. Canada has the 3rd largest oil reserves country in the world. this country has 169709 million barrels of proven oil reserves.

11. This country is the most educated country in the world. more than half of the people of this have a college degree.

12. The world most consumption of “paneer” is also happened in Canada.

13. Half of the world’s newspaper is published in the Canada and America only.

14. In the Canada around 55,000 species of the insects are found.

15. The world’s smallest jail is also in Canada’s Ontario. Its name is “coboconk” and spread around 24 square meters only.

16. The discovery of the blackberry smartphone also happened in Canada.

17. The big nickel of Canada found in the Sudbury, Ontario, is the largest coin of the world. its height is 9 meter or 30 feet.

18.It is said that the least gravity In the world is in the Canada.

19. It’s amazing that in the Canada there is a national park that is larger than the whole Switzerland.

20. The discovery of the basketball is also done by the Canadian.

21. In this country there is very strict rule towards the rats. You can not kill the rats even if you have to sell and buy a rat then you have to get permission from the government.

22. There are total population of polar bear in the world is 28,000 among these approximately 15000 are found in Canada.

23. In the Canada, if the price of any thing is more than 10 dollar then you can not pay in coins you must need to pay in notes.

24. About 30 percent of Canada’s land is in possession of the forest and it is that much countries like – England, France, South Korea, Italy and many more other countries all together can absorb in this.

25. Every year from India around 30,000 people go to Canada from here to live there.

26. Among the 3.65 crore population of the Canada above 2.5 crore live at the 100 miles distance from the u.s. border.

27. Form the whole clean water of the earth 20 percent of this is only found in the Canada.

28. The Canada-US international border is the longest border of the world and there is a shortage of soldiers all the time.

29. The coldness of the Canada is intolerable. The minimum temperature of here recorded up to -63 degree.

30. Unbelievable but true an average life of the Canadian person is 41 years.

31. Anyone who belongs to Canada can send e-mail to the Canadian government for free.

32. Almost 81 percent of Canada houses have internet connection.

33. Canada has still save its record of winning the most gold medal in the Olympic. It won 14 gold medal in winter Olympic in 2010.

34. In Canada, people often found to play hockey in the sea due to sea water freeze from the coldness.

35. Amazing to hear that the owner of “the mall of America is Canadian.

36. The Montreal city of Canada is the home of the beautiful church and it is often called the city of hundred bells and city of the saint.

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