17 interesting facts about the birds that must amaze you

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In the world myriad species of birds are present and each species has different quality. Through this article we will know some amazing facts about birds-

1. There is a “nest” of falcon whose weight around 1600 kg in Maryland, America.

2. Owls have no teeth.

3. Male owl’s weight and size less than female owls.

4. Parrots can not eat chocolate because it is poisonous to them.

5. Humming bird can also fly in backward direction.

6. Ostrich’s egg takes 4 hour to boil.

7. Ducks can be fly more than 500 km in one time.

8. Birds don’t feel taste of anything because they don’t have taste glands.

9. Across the world hundred billion birds are available.

10. The weight of skeleton of birds less than their feather.

11. The size of ostrich’s eye is bigger than his mind.

12. In the world around 328 species of parrot exists.

13. Pigeon can see ultraviolet rays.

14. Archaeptyrex is the oldest bird of the earth.

15. Australian pelican peak is the longest among all birds.

16. Crows can copy of other creature’s voice.

17. Ostrich’s egg weight can be 3.5 pound.

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