Everything Happens For A Reason In Life

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In this article, through a story I am going to tell you that whatever happens in our life happens for a reason even it is bad or good just you have to understand that. Why it happened with you. Sometimes you will understand very easily but sometimes you need to keep patient later you will know why that (bad or good) thing happened with you.
This is the story of Army chief who came to home in the holidays and his holidays had ended so was going back to his duty. This time his duty was on icy place. There was very cold and snow falling. He had to reach on the top of hill with his team so they can do their job and save the people from the terrorism. They all were going up stair but the cold was so much that they all were shivering.
Therefore, they thought if we got a cup of tea from somewhere, it would be pleasure and they started to find a tea stall at the middle of the hill. They saw a tea stall there but that was closed. So they all started to see their army chief actually they all were seeing because they all were want to break the lock of that shop so they could make tea and take it. Army chief was aware of his team condition that was not good because of snowfall so he thought a while and gave permission to them break the lock of that tea stall. Army team broke the lock of that shop, made the tea, and took it.
But the Army Chief was not happy with that because he had taken away the means of living a poor. So he kept Rs.2000 on his shop so shopkeeper didn’t think he has ruined and he could purchase all the grocery again and run his shop. After it all the army team went forward and reached their where they had to.
After 3 months of completing their job when they all were coming back to their home they saw the same T-Stall on which they made tea. They all went to again that stall this time that was open and there was a shopkeeper who was old. The army chief asked from that man, before three months did something happen here?
The old man said yes, one day when I was not here somebody broke the lock of my shop and ate my all food products whatever was here. But that incident was good for me because that day I was in hospital due to my son who met with an accident and I hadn’t money so I came back to my shop and saw lock of my shop was broken but I found there was Rs.2000 due to which I could save child life.
After hearing this, the army chief smiled at heart and thought everything happens for a reason.

Friends from this story we learn that whatever happens in our life only for a good reason just we have to keep patience and see.

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