Rise of the E-Cigarette

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To get rid of smoke is not cup of tea for everyone. Is there any alternate option for conventional one?
ARE you accusted to smoke and want to get rid of smoke? If yes

Then it is good news for you because till now government has been cautioning us against the vaping (e-cigarette) that is also very harmful for our health like conventional ones. But a study of NORTH EAST HILLS UNIVERSITY (NEHU) has stated that vaping or electronics nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is less harmful for our health as compared to the conventional one. Another study of university of catania also find that no evidence of a lung injury amongst the heaviest E-CIGARETTE users in the any form like – physiological and clinical etc. In this study It is also observed that no changes in the blood pressure or heart rate of young E-CIGERETTE users. This result is based on those young adults who have never smoked and another group of daily E-CIGARETTE users aged between 23 to 35 years.

So it is good news for those who want to get rid of Cigarette but is not able to do. Now they can switch to E-CIGARETTE instead of cigarette. This will not harm as much as conventional ones.

3 major benefits of vaping in comparison to smoke:

• Health
Use of tobacco free products are much better than those who consists tobacco. Tobacco is very harmful for health. We have enough evidence to shows that vape is less harmful. Those, who are worry about their health and can not get rid of smoking, vaping is best choice.
• Addiction
Vape is less fascinating than smoking. In a research it is find that ex-smokers who thought they would never get rid of cigarette have swiched to vaping and later realized that they could take it or leave it.
• Convenience
In many places vape is socially acceptable where smoking is not. You need not to step outside of one’s offices or bar if you are using vaping. Vape has also less health impact on bystanders.

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