22 Mind-Blowing China Facts that you can’t avoid

China is located on the continent of Asia. It was established in 221 BC and was ruled by many ancient Chinese dynasties until January 1, 1912. In China, there is not an official religion but most people follow either Buddhist or Taoist beliefs. China is well known for its interesting culture and weird characters for letters that only Chinese people can read. Here are some 22 fascinating facts about China:

Flag of China:

Facts About China:

1. China’s Economic growth, in the last decade, has been 7 times higher than the US.

2. On an average, Chinese people smoke 50,000 cigarettes in every second.

3. World largest shopping mall is in China.

4. Approximately 50% of the pigs in the world are in China alone.

5. In China, people who speak English are more than America.

6. China is the most populous country in the world. the population of China is nearly 140 crore.

7. There is a University in the China “Polytechnic University” of Hongkong that offers the degree of Bra studies.

8. In China, 4 million cats are eaten every year.

9. Male population of China is very high due to this, by 2020, there will be 40 million men who are not getting girls for marriage.

10. Pollution is very high in some cities of China. the situation is so critical that one day breathing in these cities means you have smoked 21 cigarettes.

11. In China there is a wall that is known as “the Great Wall of China”. this wall can be seen from the space.

12. Along with “The Great Wall of China” the pollution of China also seen from the space.

13. Drinking water of China is also not safe because 90% of China’s water contains the toxic element.

14. In China, the number of mobile phones is more than the US.

15. In China, Facebook Twitter and Google are ban.

16. This law of China is amazing that rich people can send others to jail instead of them.

17. Nearly 60% of China’s population live in urban areas.

18. To eat cockroach, rat, dog, and crocodile are very common in China.

19. To stay healthy or energized here the boiled eggs in urine are eaten.

20. In China, when soldiers are trained, a pin is fixed in their collar so that they kept their neck upwards.

21. In China, 30 million people live in house like Caves.

22. In 2010, Shanghai city of China had 100 KM long traffic and this traffic remained for 12 Days.

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