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“CHHATTISGARH” is the located in the middle part of India enriched with astonishing destinations those have given the distinct identity to Chattisgarh in the field of Tourism across the world. This state of India is abounding in natural resources and above 41% area of this under the forest. In this state, there are some inescapable ancient Monuments, Waterfalls, Hills, extraordinary Wildlife Sanctuaries, Caves, Tribes and superbly sculpted temples along with others. This is the very charming state which fascinated the national as well as international visitors here-


One among the 52 Shakti Peethas spread across the whole India, Danteswari Temple is devoted goddess danteswari. This temple was constructed by the ruler of the 14th century for their “Kuldevi” deity (deva) danteswari. A belief also associated with this Temple is that this was made on that spot where a “tooth” of “Sati” fell at that event when all the “shakti shrine” created in “Satya Yuga”. This is now a very popular tourism destination due to its “Dusserra Festivals” when all the tribals of near by villages come to together to pay homage to the “Danteswari Devi” and take out “Idol” from the temple to roam to the whole city with emblaze procession.


KNOWN as the “Niagara fall of India” chitracote waterfall is the widest waterfall of our country. Located on the “Indravati River” with the height of 98 foot, this waterfall looks very amazing and an eye-opener. The beauty of this can be seen all over the year and the panoramic view of the downstream pond over the waterfall shows us striking beauty beyond our imagination. This is must visit destination if you are fond of roaming.


This temple, of Janjgir-Champa district, Chhatisgarh situated on the bank on Mahanadi river, is dedicated to the goddess “Devi chandrahasini”. According to legend – it is believed this Temple is made to be where “MATA SATI’S” limbs had fallen. It is worth seeing at the time Dusserra Festival due to its grandiose celebration which makes it remarkable.


Built in 11th century dedicated to “Lord Shiva ” This temple is known as the moniker of “Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh” owing to its nagara architectural erotic sculptures. This temple of “Diety Shiva” is located in the very impressive and peaceful atmosphere. You will be fascinated with this place at the time of Bhoramdev Utsav (festival) which is held in March in every year.


78 Km away from the “Capital City” of Chhattisgarh and situated on the Mahanadi river SIRPUR village is famous for its archaeological remains like – Temples of Hindu and Buddhist, monasteries, Buddha Vihara those are dating back to 5th to 8th century. There are much more thing which is worth seeing those discovered in 19th. The rich cultural heritage and calmness of this unaffected village from the violent and the noisy world are Heart-touching.


This city of the state plays a major role to attract the tourists towards the Chhattisgarh. There are numerous cultural and historical monuments those allure the visitors such as- Deorani-Jethani temple, Madku Dweep, City Mall, Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary and so on. This city is No. One producer of paddy in India, therefore, it is known as “Dhaan Ka Katora”.

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