5 amazing Places to Visit in Goa


If you have tired from your routine life and want to take a break, relax on the beaches then the party capital of India is the best place for you to visit. Goa is located in western coast on India which is famous for its beaches, places of worship, magnificent churches, massive forts etc. Portuguese culture and architecture of Goa is worth seeing. No matter you have shoestring Budget or want a cheap shack and want to have a 3 or 5 star hotel stay Goa has all options for you. Here we will know about the most attractive places of Goa-


Baga beach is situated between the anjuna and calangute beach. This beach is small but perfect place for those, who want to away from hustle and bustle and enjoy quite movement with someone. At this beach dolphins also find around 1 – 2 km from the shoreline. This is also famous for water sport like – banana rides and parasailing. It is also known for its Baga creek.


Palolem beach is situated in south goa. It is one of the best beaches for relaxation. This beach is very close to the monkey point and can go there by walking. There are two more beaches one is butterfly beach you can go there by hiring boat and another is honeymoon beach which is usually visited by couples. Fishing trips and dolphins cruise are the other popular attraction.


Dudhsagar falls (Sea of milk) is located in the border of Indian State Goa and karnataka on the mandovi river. This falls is fourth tallest waterfalls of India with height of 1017 feet. The whole area around this falls is surrounded by deciduous forest with a rich diversity. When the monsoons arrive that time this falls is worth seeing. Ideal time to visit this place is between October to december.


The basilica of bom jesus is part of UNESCO world heritage site. The meaning of bom jesus is “infant jesus”. It contains the tomb and mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. This church baroque architecture is regarded as the one of best example in the India. The church took 11 years to built. Contruction of this monument begun in 1594 and was completed in the 1505. In this church embalmed body of the saint lies in an airtight glass coffin which is placed in a silver casket. Once every 10 years, the body is allowed to be viewed by the people who visit this holy place. The last time it was in 2014 and the next will be in 2024.


The Aguada fort and its lighthouse is located in mandovi river candolim, goa. This fort was built by Portuguese conolian ruler on the sinquerim beach at the arabian sea in 1612 to prevent the entry of ships to protect the old Goa from the attacks of marathus and dutch. The story behind how the fort get its name Aguada meaning “water” is that a freshwater spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that used to stop by. The fort is split up in two segments. In this fort there is a secret escape passage to use during time of emergency and war. This is one of the prime tourism place of the goa where you can go and enjoy.

9 tourist places in Gujarat to visit

“kuch din to gujariye gujarat me”


Every person wants to visit the famous places of the world but sometimes they didn’t find good places here is about the most famous places of Gujarat where you can go and enjoy your holidays and also get pleasure, peace and joy-

1. Dwarkadhish Temple

DWARKA is very attractive and amazing place of gujarat. According to the mythological records “DWARKA” was the kingdom of lord krishna. It is one of four dhams of pilgrimage considered sacred by hindus in india. Dwarka is situated on banks of river “gomti”. The 5 storey building supported by 72 pillars known as nija mandir or jagat mandir. According to the archaeologist it should be 2000 – 2200 years old. If you are making plan to go gujarat it can be your choice to go DWARKA.

Sun Temple

This temple is situated in modhera on the banks of pushpavati river. It is dedicated to “SURYA” the sun god. This was made by king bhimdev of the solanki dynasty in 11th century. The architecture of the temple is one of its own class. Sanctum of this temple is designed in this manner so that the first ray of sun cast on the image of the lord surya. You can also see their intricate stone sculpture.

Rani ki Vav

Rani ki vav or stepwell built by queen of bhimdeva, udayamati. This was constructed to preserve water in 11th century. The stepwell has seven levels down stairs and holds above 500 main scultures. Rani ki vav also include in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. This is very beautiful site to visit near to saraswati river.

4. KUTCH REGION – White Salt Desert
Kutch Region

This is the one of the largest white salt deserts of the world. It is spanning around 7506 sq. Km in west of gujarat. If you are making plan to go there then you must go at the time of “rann utsav festival” which held in winter season. In this utsav you will come to know about the culture, hospitality and cuisine of that region and also experience bluish glow of salt region during night hours because of full moon.

Somnath Temple

It is to be believed that somnath jyotirling is first among all 12 jyotirlings, shrine of the Lord shiva. This temple has destroyed and built 6 times and present temple is 7th construction of temple made in 1951. This temple is located in prabhas khetra near veraval on the western coast of gujarat. This is seven-storey temple constructed in the chaukalya style of architecture reflects the expertise of sompuras those are master masons of gujarat.

Gir National Park

Gir national park is one of the best place to visit here you can spot lions roaming free in wild. The entire area of this forest is dry and deciduous which provide best habitat for lions. This is also the home of more than 300 leopard. You can also spot other fauna like – deer, hyena, jackal and small carnivorous etc. This park also shelter of more than 200 species of birds and over 40 species of reptiles and amphibians. Crocodile can be seen also in large numbers in the kamleshwar reservoir.

Sabarmati Ashram

This place is near to sabarmati river. In this place you can see books, manuscripts and photocopies of gandhi’s correspondence. There are also actual relics such as spinning wheel and writing desk of Gandhi ji present. You can stay there and experience Gandhi’s way of life.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

This palace is built by maharaja sayajirao gaekwad lll in 1890. This is very colossal palace. It is four times of buckingham palace. The architect of this palace was major charles mant. This palace was made by him in 12 years. In this palace you can see nuance of both indian and western architecture. You will also find there remarkable collection of old armoury, sculpture of bronze, marble and terracotta by fellici. This palace is open for public and the presence of audio tour for tourists which educates them about historic facts is very attractive.

marine national park

The marine national park is india’s first marine reserve there you can have glimpse of coral reef without diving into the sea. This marine park is spreading around 163 sq km. There you can also see extensive group of 42 islands including prominent ones pirotan, narara etc. The diversity of this marine reserve is very astonishing. You can see different fauna like – 23 species of soft corals, 70 species of sponges, 421 species of fish, 27 species of prawns etc.