7 Places to Visit in Punjab


Punjab with its fertile farming land is the land of food, color, and happiness. Punjab is the sixteenth largest state by population and it is twentieth largest state of India. Punjab famously known as “The land of five rivers” is situated in North West part of India. This state is filled with wonderful architecture and many religious monuments. Here are the top 7 places to visit in Punjab to experience the best of what the state has:

1. Amritsar

Amritsar is the spiritual and culture center of the Sikh Religion. Your mind is sure to attract to the home of the glorious Golden Temple. This place is famous for its Jallianwala Bagh massacre and its proximity to Wagah Border. It is also renowned for its street food as well. Amritsar is One of the most agriculturally productive cities of India.

2. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the union territory in India that serves as the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. It is bordered by the state of Punjab to the north, the west, and the south and to the state of Haryana to the east. This city is considered the best-planned city in the India and it is known for its unique blend of urbane architecture and natural bliss.

3. Patiala

Patiala is one of the famous princely states of Punjab and is referred to as ”City of Newspapers”. It has also attractions that invite tourists throughout the year. The place has historical monuments, which speak of a rich tradition and best architecture that reflects the glorious past of the land. The city is also famous for the generous Patiala peg of whiskey, salwar suits and pagdi.

4. Jalandhar

Jalandhar is known for its rich cultural heritage, historical monuments and traditional values. It is also known for its sportsmen as well as its sports industry, its rubber goods, and sewing machine factories. Today Jalandhar is a prime commercial center with several industries. The top attraction places of Jalandhar are: Devi Talab Mandir, Shiv Mandir, Niku Park etc.

5. Ludhiana

Ludhiana is the largest city in the state. Ludhiana is one of the places in India that has magnificent ancient buildings on one side and elegant Gurudwaras and sacred shrines on the other side. It is also one of the biggest commercial hubs in India. Apart from being an industrial town, Ludhiana draws pilgrims and tourists worldwide. The famous places of Ludhiana are: Lodhi Fort, Rural Heritage Museum, Phillaur Fort etc.

6. Pathankot

Pathankot is a city situated at the meeting point of the three northern states of India- Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. It is known for its serene green beauty and a rich historical past. It has some beautiful religious places like Mukteshwar Temple, Nagin Temple, and Shahpurkandi Fort. The scenic beauty of the land and its rich history have made it a popular tourist destination.

7. Mohali

Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula together are called Tri-city and is located to the west of Chandigarh. It is a shopper’s paradise and is known for its cricket ground. It is also one of the most preferred locations among IT outsourcing industries and many multi-national organizations. The famous tourist attraction in Mohali are: Rose Garden, Silivi Park, Mansa Devi Temple etc.

Chhattisgarh Tourism


“CHHATTISGARH” is the located in the middle part of India enriched with astonishing destinations those have given the distinct identity to Chattisgarh in the field of Tourism across the world. This state of India is abounding in natural resources and above 41% area of this under the forest. In this state, there are some inescapable ancient Monuments, Waterfalls, Hills, extraordinary Wildlife Sanctuaries, Caves, Tribes and superbly sculpted temples along with others. This is the very charming state which fascinated the national as well as international visitors here-


One among the 52 Shakti Peethas spread across the whole India, Danteswari Temple is devoted goddess danteswari. This temple was constructed by the ruler of the 14th century for their “Kuldevi” deity (deva) danteswari. A belief also associated with this Temple is that this was made on that spot where a “tooth” of “Sati” fell at that event when all the “shakti shrine” created in “Satya Yuga”. This is now a very popular tourism destination due to its “Dusserra Festivals” when all the tribals of near by villages come to together to pay homage to the “Danteswari Devi” and take out “Idol” from the temple to roam to the whole city with emblaze procession.


KNOWN as the “Niagara fall of India” chitracote waterfall is the widest waterfall of our country. Located on the “Indravati River” with the height of 98 foot, this waterfall looks very amazing and an eye-opener. The beauty of this can be seen all over the year and the panoramic view of the downstream pond over the waterfall shows us striking beauty beyond our imagination. This is must visit destination if you are fond of roaming.


This temple, of Janjgir-Champa district, Chhatisgarh situated on the bank on Mahanadi river, is dedicated to the goddess “Devi chandrahasini”. According to legend – it is believed this Temple is made to be where “MATA SATI’S” limbs had fallen. It is worth seeing at the time Dusserra Festival due to its grandiose celebration which makes it remarkable.


Built in 11th century dedicated to “Lord Shiva ” This temple is known as the moniker of “Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh” owing to its nagara architectural erotic sculptures. This temple of “Diety Shiva” is located in the very impressive and peaceful atmosphere. You will be fascinated with this place at the time of Bhoramdev Utsav (festival) which is held in March in every year.


78 Km away from the “Capital City” of Chhattisgarh and situated on the Mahanadi river SIRPUR village is famous for its archaeological remains like – Temples of Hindu and Buddhist, monasteries, Buddha Vihara those are dating back to 5th to 8th century. There are much more thing which is worth seeing those discovered in 19th. The rich cultural heritage and calmness of this unaffected village from the violent and the noisy world are Heart-touching.


This city of the state plays a major role to attract the tourists towards the Chhattisgarh. There are numerous cultural and historical monuments those allure the visitors such as- Deorani-Jethani temple, Madku Dweep, City Mall, Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary and so on. This city is No. One producer of paddy in India, therefore, it is known as “Dhaan Ka Katora”.

7 Most Popular Tourist Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh


One of the among most famous states of india “UTTAR PRADESH”, located in north india, is the very alluring tourism destination for both native citizens as well as foreigners. Known as the “Heartland of india” U. P. Contains several monuments which is eminent across the world, blending of diverse cultures which evolved there and its own religious significance because of adorable river – The Ganga and The Yamuna. These two river play a significant role to nurture the culture and religious faith in India. This is also famous due to birthplace of “RAMA” in Ayodhya and KRISHNA in Mathura. Except these all there are still numerous place where you can go like – JHANSI, LUCKNOW, AGRA, VRINDAVAN, VARANASI, GOKUL, ALLAHABAD, MEERUT etc. Lets know some places in details-


One among the seven wonders of the world and applauded chef d’oeuvre across the universe, which captivate over 7 millions touristers every year “THE TAJ MAHAL” is white marble mausoleum which is situated on the bank of yamuna river in AGRA. It was built by the mughal emperor “Shah Jahan” in 1632 in remembrance of her beloved wife (MUMTAJ) who died giving the birth of their 14th child. This mausoleum is the center of attraction but is spreading around 42 acres which include many spots like – guest house, mosque etc. This monument took 22 year to built which was made by 22 thousands labors and 1000 elephants. This is the “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE”.


VARANASI, one of among seven most divine cities of Hinduism and Jainism, is situated on the bank of “Gnaga” river. varanasi, also known as Banaras and Kashi, is very famous across the world for its ghats namely – Assi Ghat, Chet Singh Ghat, Dasaswamedh Ghat, Darbhanga Ghat etc. Where pilgrimages take bath and chant slokes to atone their sin in Holy Ganga”. Still many spots are worth seeing where without going surely you will miss something like fore-and-aft walk lines and places those are famous for photography.


According to the Hindu culture and history it is believed that in “VRINDAVAN” lord krishna spent his childhood here. There are numerous Temples which are dedicated to lord krishna and some of them for diety Radha, lover of krishana. This is very religious and great significance site for the hindu pilgrims. Some of Temples is worth seeing because of their architectural masterpiece like – Sri Radha Madana Mohana Temple, Govind Dev Temple, Sri Radha Gokulananda Temple etc.


Mathura is the, according to the Hinduism, Janma-bhoomi ( Birthpalce) of Lord Krishna and dotted with numerous temples like – Diety Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, Banke Bihari Mandir, Baba Jaigurudev Mandir etc which gives us solace to our soul inside the temples. Mathura is situated on banks of yamuna river which also known for its ghats and among these Vishram Ghat is holiest ghat. This city also one among the 7 most holy city of india.


“FATEHPUR SIKRI” (The City Of Victory) is ancient fortified city located in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, which was built by mughal emperor AKBAR in 1571 as a capital of Mughal Empire for just 14 years. This city is famous for its monuments made with Red sandstone which were built by mughal emperors Namely – Jama Masjid Mosque( India’s Largest Mosque), Buland Darwaza( entrance gate of Jama Masjid), Panch Mahal, Tomb Of Salim Chisty, Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khas, Hiran mahal and so forth. These all buildings are viewable due to their Architectural Style.


Located on the bank of Gomti River “Lucknow”is, The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, well known in the world due to its Tehzeeb(DECORUM) and adabs(Cordial Reception). With the exclusive of these all natural genteelness this city also renowned for its Wonderful Islamic Architecture, Elegant Cuisine, Beautiful gardens, Traditional dance, old markets and so forth. To Sees the beauty of Lucknow some buildings like – bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden, The residency, shahi Bawli, Asifi Masjid, Clock Tower, sathkhander etc tourister come pulling come out towards it.


“JHANSI”, also known as City Of Rani Laxmi Bai OR Gateway Of Bundelkahnd, is situated between the Pahuj and Betwa river. This city was ruled by marathas and the capital of province of Rani Laxmi Bai. It is the home of outstanding monuments like – Jhansi Fort, Rani Mahal, Government Museum, Karguanji Jain Temple, Iskcon Temple and many others. Apart from these stunning monuments “Janshi Mahotsav” which held in birthday of Rani Laxmi Bai in winter season, also gain remarkable popularity.

Madhya Pradesh tourism-worth seeing places


Well known as the “HEART OF HINDUSTAN” and located in center of India, Madhya Pradesh is the very attractive place to visit for the tourists where they finds wide range of choices. In the Madhya Pradesh there are many monuments which reminds erstwhile period of maharaja’s like – Jahangir mahal, Sanchi Stupa, Elephant Palace and many more. Except these all monuments the natural winsomeness of National park and wildlife sanctuaries of M.P. is worth seeing which allure the visitors-


This fort of Gwalior is very old but no certain period to build this fort is known. According to folk story, it is believed that, this fort was constructed in 3rd century by “SURAJ SEN PAL” and his 84 progeny kept possessions on it. This fort span over 3 square km which enclose many worth seeing spots like – Temples, Several Water Tanks, Karan Palace, Jahangir Palace, Gujri Mahal, Jahan Mahal etc. There is also a place where women burnt their selves after the defeat of king in one battle that place called “Jauhar kund”. This is the very beautiful place where you can go to visit.


“The Khajuraho Group of Monuments” is constructed by Rulers of “Chandela Dynasty”. It took around 100 years and built between 950 to 1050 Century. There were originally 85 temples, spread around 22 square km, made by sandstone or granite those have widespread reputation for its “nagara style architecture and erotic sculptures” but presently only 25 left which is spanning in 6 km sqaure area. These temples were dedicated to Hinduism and Jainism to diverse the religion between the two community. These monuments are included in “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES”.


“Pachamri” is the very popular hill station of Madhya Pradesh also known as “Queen Of Satpura” (Satpura Ki Rani) located in dhupgarh’s valley in satpura range at the height of 1067 m. There are many sites such as – Bee fall ( A very charming waterfall), Apsara Vihar Waterfall, Rajendra Giri, Gupt Mahadev Cave, Silver fall and many more But the most popular destination of pachmarhi is the “Caves” which were constructed by “Pandava Brothers” during the 13th year of their exile. This is amazing place and the view from the top of the hill provide pleasure and delight to our mind, heart and soul.


Indore is the well known city of Madhya Pradesh, India for its cleanliness but along with it is also eminent for tourism attraction place for the visitors. There are many places to visit like – “Lal Bag Palace” – it is famous for its quality of being magnificent or grand, “Rajwada” – well known for its 7 storey building, skillfully laid garden and manmade waterfalls, “Kanch Mandir”, “Annapurna Temple”, “Bada Ganpati”, “Chappan Dukan” and many more places of Indore is roamable because of its own Beauty and virtue.


“UJJAIN”, located on the bank of kshipra river, is the very old city of india and famous for its history in the whole world. This is also contemplate as the holiest city of india and a principal “HINDU” pilgrimages place. There are some Temples which attract the tourists across the world like – Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, Kal Bhairav Temple, Jantar Mantar or Ved Shala and Ramghat etc. In the Ujjian Kumbh Mela ( popularly known as the Simhastha) also takes place in every 12 year on the bank of Kshipra river where Hindu pilgrimages mass together to take bath on holy river.


Bandhavgarh is famous for The National park which is known for its diversity in the world. This park is spanning around the 105 sqaure km and announced National park in the year 1968. In this park over 20 species of animals and myriad species of birds are available. The centre of attraction in this palce is Royal Bengali tigers, White Tigers, deer and leopards etc. From the FORT,.which is established inside the park in the hillock at the height of 810 foot, the view of national park is very spectacular and enchant.


“BHOPAL” is, Established in 11th century, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and one among the greenest cities of india, which is known for its Natural and Artificial Lakes. The upper lake and Lower lake of bhopal is most attractive places especially at the sunset. There are some Mosque like – Jama masjid, Taj-ul-masjid (Largest mosque of Asia) and Moti masjid also Centre of attraction except these all still here some gardens such as “Aish bagh”, Farhat Afza bagh, Kamla Park, Van Vihar National Park etc which all are worth seeing. Those gives us pleasure, delight and enhance our joy.


MANDU is the very aged city which was come into the existence in 6th century. Due to established on hill area it provide a better defensive position because of which this city was favorite for all and ruled by several rajas and maharajahs. This is surrounded by almost 37 km battlemented wall dotted with 12 gateways which enclose several rubber necking palaces, Temples, Mosque and many Afghan architectural heritage. Namely – Jahaj Mahal (Ship Palace), Rani Roopmati Pavilion, Rani Roopmati Palace, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, Jami Masjid, Nilkanth Mahal, Baz Bahadur Palace, Ashrafi mahal and many more which is worth seeing places in the “MANDU”.

Rajasthan Tourism-Behold amazing places of this incredible state


Rajasthan is one of the most attracting tourism destination for visitors in the world which is located in west India. The state is Centre of attraction for tourism because of many famous things like intricately curved temples, majestic forts, arts and culture. Rajasthan also known as the moniker “land of kings” or “land of Colours”. Houses of Rajasthan are also very fascinating because of its art and architecture. Through this article we shall know about the most attractive and amazing places of the Rajasthan where you can visit-


The capital city (Jaipur) of Rajasthan is established by raja of amber – jai singh-ll in 1727 planned based on the principles of vastu shastra and shilpa shartra under the Vidyadhar Bhattacharya a noted architect. This is the most attractive city of Rajasthan for tourists due to its alluring ancient history, architecture, lifestyles and culture. Jaipur is include in golden triangle of Indian tourism along with agra and delhi. In this majestic city, you can visit many magnificent monument like – hawa mahal, city palace, jantar-mantar, jaigarh fort and amber fort etc. colorful markets, amazing laid-out gardens which will give you pleasure and shows beauty of Rajasthan.


Jaisalmer fort of Rajasthan is the only fort which is believed “living fort” in the world. This fort is, constructed by maharaja rawal jaisal in 1156 AD, the second oldest fort of Rajasthan located in the desert. This fort also known as “sone ka Quila” (golden fort) because yellow sandstone walls are a tawny lion color during the day, fading to honey-gold as the sun sets, thereby camouflaging the fort in the yellow desert. The blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture style on this fort is worth seeing especially at the nighttime.

3. JODHPUR – the blue city

Jodhpur is another alluring city of Rajasthan where you can visit and enjoy your time in this tourism hub. This city is famous for its architectures, temples, blue houses, shopping streets, lakes, havelis and make this historic city worth a visit. Jodhpur is located in the edge of thar desert so it also called “gateway of thar”. In the Jodhpur there is fort called “mehrangarh fort” which is an architectural masterpiece in itself and one of the magnificent fort of the Rajasthan. Umaid bhawan and jaswant tada are also centre of attraction in Jodhpur city. This is the very good tourism city for those especially who love magnificent architecture, scenic beauty and aura of rich heritage and culture.

4. UDAIPUR – city of lakes and palaces

Udaipur – “the Venice of the east” is established by the maharana udai singh -ll in 1553 AD as a capital of mewar kingdom.
This city also known as city of lakes located around the purplish blue water lakes and surrounded by lush green Aravalli hills. Udaipur is enchanting city for tourists due to its culture, history, scenic locations, architectural temples and palaces of Rajput era. Lake Palace, which is situated at the center of lake pichola, of this city is the must be holding and beautiful sight of the Udaipur. City palace, monsoon palace and magnificent temples add more grandeur in the city. There is also jaisamand lake which is the second largest man-made sweet water lake in Asia.

5. AJMER – the dargah destination

Ajmer is enchanting places for the pilgrimages to visit in India and one of the top places famous visiting in Rajasthan. The name “Ajmer” comes from “Ajay Meru” which means “invincible hills”. This city was founded by maharaja Ajaypal Chauhan in 7th century and the epicenter for Chauhan dynasty till 12th century until Prithiraj Chauhan was defeated by Mohammed Ghory in 1193 AD. This city is known for Dargah especially “Sharif Dargah” which was also favorite destination for “Mughals” due to presence of this holy monument. In Ajmer city, you can also visit historic Taragarh fort first hill fort of Asia, which was established by Chauhan dynasty, magazine museum, an artificial anasagar lake of 12th century and adhai-din-ka-jhonpra an ancient temple and a Sanskrit college.

6. PUSHKAR – town of fairs and festivities

Pushkar is favorite destination in Rajasthan for pilgrimages especially Hindus those fascinated by over 400 legendary temples and lakes. Pushkar is located northwest of Ajmer, which is separated by nag pahar hill a natural border between these two cities. This city is situated on banks of Pushkar lake According to the legends – a lotus is dropped, by the creator of the universe (the lord brahma) upon the site to the immediate creation of lake and later he decided to keep name the place after of flower “lotus” which means “Pushkar” in Sanskrit. The main attraction of Pushkar is the temple dedicated to lord brahma. In this city there are 52 Ghats on Pushkar Lake, which attract the pilgrimage across the world to visit the lake to take a dip in its holy water, and Lake resounds with the chants and hymns from the 400 blue colored temples located on its banks.

Jaipur tourism- places to visit in(the pink city)


Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan renowned across the world for its vibrant colours, historic monuments, amazing architectures, delicious food, matchless handicrafts shopping and its literature festival. This city is constructed by Jai Singh -ll and planned by vidyadhar bhattacharya, a noted architect, in November 1727. Jaipur is most popular city of India, also part of one of three corners of golden triangle, continuous to lure tourists, researchers and history buffs from different places of the world. There are plenty of monuments and attractive places which will give you stunning and striking beauty experience let’s uncover them-


Hawa Mahal (palace of breeze) is one of the prominent monument of Jaipur, built by the king sawai pratap singh in 1799. This palace, was made for the royal ladies in lattice design called (jarokhas) so they could observe everyday life and Festivals celebrated in the street of the city without being seen themselves because they were not allowed to go in public and interact with stranger peoples. The palace is, the blend of Rajasthani and Islamic style architecture, constructed with red and pink sandstone looks like the crown of the lord krishna. In this palace 953 small jarokhas (windows) decorated with latticework so the wind blowing inside the palace to make it the perfect retreat during summer. This five-storey monument is main attraction for visitors.

Jaipur, City Palace, Mubarak Mahal[/caption]

>If you are making plan to visit Jaipur then “CITY PALACE” is a must visit place. This palace is built by raja sawai jai singh-ll between 1729 to 1732 AD when he changed his residential from amer to jaipur because of increasing population and water problems in amer. Located in the centre of pink city this palace portays Indian architectures including rajput and mughal architectures style. “Chandra mahal” and “mubarak mahal” more beautify this city palace which is part of this including others buildings. This palace also incorporates others sightoworthy places like – gardens, huge courtyards, marvelous museum, apartment and stunning halls etc which also very fascinating and attractive for visitors.


The amber fort is, also popularly known as amber palace, built by raja man singh in 1592 and later renovated and widened by raja jai singh-l. This fort is, located at the moatha lake which enhance its entire beauty, made of red sandstone and marble looks very attractive. Inside the palace you will find various worth seeing things like – diwam-i-khas, diwan-i-aam, sheesh mahal, sukh niwas, jai mandir where you can visit and enjoy your time. This palace is the foremost tourism place of the jaipur.


The jantar-mantar monument (Jaipur) is an astronomical observatory site built by raja sawai jai singh -ll in 18th centuary. There are 19 large fixed instruments and each have their own specific characteristics. Among these instruments, there is largest sundial of the country known as samrat yantra. These all astronomical observatory instruments, design principles of ancient Hindu Sanskrit texts, used to measure the positions and distances celestial objects with naked eye. Firstly these all structures were made out of wood to check the accuracy and maintain the measurements later the dimensions were all perfect these all structures changed to stone structures to make it more magnificent. This site is in include UNESCO world heritage site.


Jaigarh fort (victory fort) is built by the maharaja sawai jai singh – ll in 1726 to protect the amer fort and Jaipur city from the rival and warlords. This fort and amber fort both are connected by subterranean passages. This fort is spread around 3 km in length and 1 km in width with a height of 400 feat. In this fort there is a cannon called “jaivana” the world’s biggest cannon on wheel constructed within the fort is still stand inside the fort. This is believed that in this fort the treasure of raja jai singh was buried under the fort, which was reportedly seized by the rajasthan’s government after its discovery. This fort have also palace complex which includes – lalit mandir, aram mandir, vilas mandir, laxmi vilas, armoury and museum etc.

This fort is strongest fort of Jaipur and if you want to see the beauty of Jaipur then the panoramic view from this fort give you that pleasure.

8 Tourist Places in Kerala- that you cannot avoid


Kerala, in south India is referred to as “God’s own Country” has some of the best tourist destinations in India for any kind of holiday. It is the land of coconuts, elephants and the land of rich cultures and traditions. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth. Being rich culture and heritage of Kerala also attracts nature lovers from all over the world. The pace of life is slow, making Kerala the perfect place for a leisurely vacation for people. The places can be divided as per the seasons like Wayanad during the monsoons. Munnar in winter and Kannur in summer. Here is the list of top Eight best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon.


Alleppey is extremely famous for its beautiful backwaters, the city of Alleppey is also known for its beaches, temples and traditional boat races. It is the oldest planned backwater town of Kerala and is often referred as the Venice of India.The backwater’s coupled with houseboats and the tropical village attract tourist to worth a visit.

Best time to Visit: September to Mid-May


Kovalam is one of the best beaches in Kerala and it is famous for its New Year Celebrations and water sports like parasailing. It is a shopping destination with rich spices, wooden statues and handicrafts and it also offers facilities to its beach lovers like swimming, Ayurvedic massages and many other options.

Best time to visit Kovalam: September to May


Kasargod is an entrancing beauty of ‘God’s own country. Featuring rolling hills, soothing sea breeze and host of heritage temples, it attracts peace-loving people and one of the most photogenic places in Kerala.

Best time to visit Kasargod: June to November


Kannur beach is a beautiful place to sit and relax. It draws visitors for its pristine beaches, historical monuments, religious centers and many more. It is also popular for its vast stretchers of sandy beaches that draw millions of travelers all over the world. The most renowned other beaches around this are Payyambalam beach, Meenkunnu Beach.

Best time to visit Kannur: March to May


Varkala is one of the best seaside in Kerala. The setting of Varkala beach strike enough to take your breath away and views that extend over Arabian Sea. It is popular for activities like boat riding, surfing, parasailing are the life of beach. Varkala is also an important religious place in Hindu Culture.

Best time to visit Varkala: August to mid-May


Bekal is known for its famous Fort, which is rated amongst the best tourist places in Kerala. Many Indian Movies are filmed in the fort. Owing to exotic beauty and serenity, Bekal is among the best honeymoon place in South India.

Best time to visit Bekal: September to May


It is very popular hill station in Kerala. With tea plantation in more than 80,000 miles and low-flying clouds, it become one of the best places to visit in Kerala for honeymoon. Cozy homestays, lavish hotels and resorts in Munnar make it the most romantic destination to visit.

Best time to visit Munnar: October to February


It is one of the greenest place to visit in Kerala during monsoon. It is a perfect mix of nature and man-made heritage and also the place is famous for its cultures, traditions heritage. It has a great deal of scenic appeal. Due to the nature of its terrain, the area is best for adventure enthusiasts.

Best time to visit Wayanad: July to August

Bhangarh ford the most haunted fort in India


There are many such fortifications in India that exhibit the pride of India not only in India but in the whole world. In India there are such fort also which are not famous for its architecture and glorious history but infamous for its numerous ghostly experience. In this Article I am going to tell you about Bhangarh fort. ASI (Archaeological survey of India) has forbidden the tourists and locals for entering to fort at night. This fort is located in “Alwar” district of Rajasthan.


BUILT BY – Man Singh – l
WHEN – 17TH century

There are two legends behind the Bhangarh fort which is reported to be haunted. There is also notice board put up by ASI at the entrance of this fort that no one is allowed to remain in the precincts of the fort at night.

1. The first legend is that there was a princess of Bhangarh who was very beautiful. One day when she got out of the palace, she saw a tantrik. Tantrik was fancinated by seeing the beauty of the princess he wished to marry the princess but princess refused to marry him.

But that Tantric decided to marry Princess Ratnavati and he kept an eye on every small activity of Ratnavati. One day he saw the princess’s servants buying perfumes for her. The Tantric used his black magic to fascinate that servant, but another servant of the princess saw this tantrik doing this and gave this information to the princess of Ratnavati immediately.

The princess sent some soldiers to kill the tantrik but before the dying, the tantric cursed the entire Bhangarh with the princess.

Due to his curse Princess Rathnavati died a few times, and after some time, the fort of Bhangarh was destroyed. It is said that the spirit of princess Ratnavati revolves around this fort of Bhangarh and prevents people coming in this fort.

It is said that even today, the voice comes with the garrison of armed weapon of arms, crying, screaming, shouting. In today’s time, this fort is the most scary fort of the India.

2. Second legend about this fort –

Bhangarh is the cursed place by Guru Balunath. The surprising thing is that Guru Balunath had given permission to build this fort. But at the same time, he had warned that the height of this fort would not be in his meditative place.

But the king of that place did not pay attention to this and the shadow of the fort started falling on the meditation place of Balunath. Angry by this, Balunath cursed the king. Because of this curse, the entire fort was destroyed.


1. The board has been set up by the State Government on the each sides of Bhangarh Fort, which is completely prohibited before the sunrise and after Sunset, the entry on it is completely prohibited.
2. It is said that there is an idol in this fort, whoever tries to take photographs of this idol from the camera. That camera gets deformed.