Kiran Desai Books


Kiran Desai (daughter of author Anita Desai) is a renowned Indian author who acquire writing skill from legacy. She left the India at the age of 14, lived one year in England, finally moved to the USA with her mother where she studied creative writing in Columbia University and Hollins University. Kiran has won numerous awards for her manuscripts including Man Booker Prize in 2006 for her novel. “The Inheritance of Loss” and Betty Trask Award for her 1st novel “Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard” in 1998. She has also listed as 20 most influential global Indian women by “The Economics times”. Here let us discuss about her books:


PAGES – 335

This is second novel, which is written by Kiran Desai, published in 2006 and won many awards. This novel’s story revolves around the “Sai”, the granddaughter of Jemubhai (a judge) who lives Himalaya’s mountainous “kalimpong” and wants to retire in peace and another one “Biju” the Jemubhai’s cook’s son, an illegal Indian immigrants work in restaurant in New York city to earn money and live a new life. In this novel each character has own guilt that how have they been living their life till now and want to redemption it. Jemubhai is struggling with his wife murder, which he did, sai and her tutor “Gyan” love each other but can’t marry to him because she belongs to elite class and Jemubhai cooks also worries about his son.
Each character of this books struggle with two worlds one is tradition of India and another is western culture. Through these characters Desai shows that how English Indians has forgotten to live life with our tradition and culture. This is the brilliant novel of Kiran, which applauded hugely across the world that gives reader joy and despair.


PAGES – 210

“Hullaballo in the Guava Orchard” is the first novel of Kiran Desai in which she narrate the story of “Sampath Chawla”, born at the shahkot village of Punjab, is young boy who is insincere and run away from his responsibility. After years of failures he decided to leave the village in search of quite place to contemplation, climbs into the guava tree where he gets famous unexpectedly as a clairvoyant, and become a “Holy Man”. Firstly he enjoyed this but later he become weary from all this both the situations brings unlimited humorous consequences. This novel of “Kiran” makes you laugh if you tired reading serious heavy stuff with her amazing blend of allure and humor.

Shashi Tharoor Best Books


Shashi tharoor is well known Indian Politian, diplomat, who is also prominent as writer for both fiction and non-fiction books. Tharoor has won many literary awards including – Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism and Commonwealth Writer’s Prize. He is bestseller author of 16 books, which Centered on India and its culture, history, politics, Indian society and many more. Below we will talk about some of the important books of Tharoor-

1. AN ERA OF DARKNESS – The British empire in India

PAGES – 359

In an era of darkness Shashi Tharoor explains with errorless research, array of facts and figures how britIshers looted India and Indians paid to Britain for enrichment with their properties, lives and breaks the myth of those who believes the administration was better in British raj. Shashi demystifies how colonizers exploited our country, industries of steel, shipping and textile were destructed, steal of national resources from India ranging to Britain, pursuing the policy of divide and rule which completely pushed the India back to the wall. Before the rule of Britishers India used to be contribute 23% of GDP to the world but when Britishers left the country it was just above the 3% . Superbly narrated by Shashi tharoor this book correct many mistaken notion of that period of British raj.

2. PAX INDICA – India and the World of the 21st Century

PAGES – 460

Pax Indica of “Shashi Tharoor” is a great book for those who are eager to know about country’s foreign policy and how it affects the individual. He also highlights the Indian diplomacy and where India stands in the global world. This book also gives information according to the Tharoor’s survey and examine on the international relationships, frame the policies by opinion of parliament as well as public, responsibility of the country to maintain position globally and arguing that India move towards the era of multi-alignment from the non-alignment. This book of Tharoor in another success for him that is beautifully written and keep the reader engaging.

Cyrus Mistry Books


Cyrus mistry is well known author of India along with a playwright, journalist and shortstory writer. Cyrus won the DSC prize for south Asian literature for his book “Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer” in 2014. He has also written many documentaries and short-film story and one of his short story “Percy” made into Gujarati feature film. Let us discuss some books of Cyrus Mistry-


PAGES – 225

The book “chronicle of a corpse bearer” is based on true story, which explore the theme of love, revenge and betrayal. Corpse bearer, the invisible community for all world except the Parsi community who lives in bombay, whose work is carry dead bodies of parsi person to the tower of silence. Eschewed from the Society and dreadfully poor nobody is ready to become their life-partner which raises much frustration among the members of their society. But here twist come when Phiroze, son of highly revered parsi priest, falls in love with daughter of corpse bearer “Sepideh”. The story does not end here Phiroze gets married to her. On this how society response on this uncommon love story? the way Cyrus written it gives readers heart-wrenching situation and stay with the reader beyond the pages.


PAGES – 255

This is the tale of Jingo,a drifter who belongs to middle class parsi family, work as part time door to door market research and vague ambition to become to writer. But story turns when jingo while buying hashish altercate him with the brutal and corrupt policeman leads to hide out him in nehrunagar, slum on the outskirts of the city. Except these all problems jingo has a lot more in his mind like the destructive love of his life “christina”, his mother obsession towards his son who died before the birth of our hero, his father’s expectations to him and his guilt and sense of failure.

3. PASSION FLOWER – Seven stories of derangement

PAGES – 270

As the name suggest this book consists seven short stories that are full of darkness, mystery, madness and characters that keep pendulate between reality and fantisy. Mistry way of telling story shows he is master of storyteller and enchant you through his words and surely, you live with for a while after put this book down.

Arundhati Roy Books that must read


In this article we are going to know about amazing personality who won the man booker prize for fiction in 1997 for “the god of small things” she is none other than “Arundhati Roy” who is Indian writer along with essayist and political activist involved in environmental causes and human rights. Arundhati Roy started her career as a screenwriter and write screenplays for movies such as – “electric moon”. She took four year to write her first book and it published in 1996 that bring name and fame to her. Through this blog we discuss some successful books of Roy which you can read-


PAGES – 350
GENRE – Literary fiction

This is the first novel of Arundhati Roy and she took four years to write it. Ammu lpe, the mother of twin’s Estha and Rahel, marries an estate manager to get rid of her father (pappachi) and mother (mammachi). But later Ammu finds her husband is alcoholic and tries to pimp her in order to save his job and beats her when she refuses because of this ammu leaves her husband and return to her parents home with her twins. Chacko, the brother of Ammu, has also returned to India from England to run the family business of pickle after giving divorce to her English wife “Margaret”. In this story there are many more characters like – pappachi’s sister “Navomi Lpe” sister’s husband father Mulligan (a young Irish priest) chacko’s daughter etc. who plays important role in fiction and make this more excitable to the reader. The books finally shows how the small things affect behavior of the people and their life and the book ends with the twins having sex.

2. LISTENING TO GRASSHOPPERS – fields notes on democracy

PAGES – 300

Arundhati Roy in this book brings bitter realities of life in India and show dark side of democracy and ask many questions to the readers about old Hindu philosophies of nationalism and democracy. Roy feels that only elite class enjoy the democracy while rest are striving to live better life. She also talks about the policies of India that shows no implementation on it and economic growth that does not seem to be real growth. This book is collection of essay written which also includes massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 and attack on the Indian parliament in 2001 and Roy gives a jolt to her reader by thinking about themselves whether they live in a democratic country.


PAGES – 144

Roy in this book raise the issue that for the comfort of few people government is neglecting the whole population of country and talks about mask which nation wear in the name of prosperity. Roy also discuss two of illusions of India’s progress – first one about the controversial huge dam which has deprived their original land and livelihood from many people and another one is about the test of nuclear bomb instead over 400 million individual are illiterate and living in absolute poverty. Roy tries to peels away the mask through this book, which Indian democracy put on to show the reality hidden beneath it.

Bollywood Actors who have written books and turned authors

Besides Acting, there are many Bollywood celebrities who have written books and share their opinions. Here we are taking some celebrities who have written books:

1. Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood (Ayushmann Khurrana)

In this book, Ayushmann Khurrana has written about his journey how he becomes a professional actor. This book is not only inspiring for ones who want to become an actor but also for youngsters who want to succeed. The codes, which he mentions in the book, hold true value for everyone. The books talk about the challenges which Ayushmann faced and how did he reacted to the situations comes in his way. The book has everything in the journey to become an actor. Follow each code in order to be successful.

2. The Great Indian Diet (Shilpa Shetty)

In this book, Shilpa Shetty tells about how to maintain a good health and spirit and how Indian cooking materials available at affordable price in the market to support a healthy lifestyle. The book elaborates how to take adequate care of the daily nutrition intake and tells how nutrition-content present in different types of food. This is an informative book, which aims to make readers how to be healthy by eating good food and eating the right food.

3. The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments with Parenting (Sonali Bendre Behl)

In this book, Sonali Bendre Beh tells about her three principles of parenting that will help you how to raise your child in digital age. As the trend in Urban that nuclear family is becoming the norm replacing the joint-family. What happens with the child who grows up with one singular support system. This book has three principles i.e Personal, anecdotal and honest which is must need to raise a healthy and a compassionate child.

4. The kiss of Life (Emraan Hashmi)

“The Kiss of Life” is an autobiography of Emraan Hashmi’s life. After his long struggle, he has stabilized his acting career and was on high, when his four-year-old son Ayaan was ill. During the child’s illness, he has done much research on cancer and the book records a lot of research material for cancer patients and their caretakers. This book teaches us- How important the “Hope” is! and how Emraan has done a marvelous job by creating awareness for Cancer.

Top 4 Books of Chetan Bhagat


Chetan Bhagat is noted public figure well known as author, columnist, screenplay writer and motivational speaker. Firstly, Chetan Bhagat worked as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs and later he embarked on his passion for writing and get a tremendous success. Chetan five books inspired Bollywood films and won the Filmfare award for best screenplay for “Kai Po Che”. Bhagat is seen as youth icon and his books influence millions of youth. Through this article, we will know about his novels those get success-


PAGES – 269

Five point someone book is about the three friends Ryan, Hari and Alok who studies in IIT and get off to a bad start in first day of college and they try to amends the things but it got worse. They are average student and got five point in GPA out of ten and ranking end of their class. The hero of this story is Ryan Oberoi who is intelligent but thinks true education comes from critical thinking and enjoying life not from books. This book is all about the grades, friendship and love of Ryan. Definitely, you will like to read this book because character of this is fiction so real. The three idiots movie is based on this novel.

2. TWO STATES – Story of my Marriage

PAGES – 320

The 2 states is a story of couple which is inspired by Chetan Bhagat love story means it is partly autobiography of Chetan Bhagat. Ananya and krish hailing of two different states Punjab and TamilNadu, who study in IIM Ahemadabad, fell in love with each other want to get marry but the marriage does stand far away because of their custom and creed. However, the couple decided to convince their parents for marriage and in which the lots of turns and twists comes which gives the reader joy and pleasure.


PAGES – 260

This novel tells the story of three friends one is Govind, who is also narrator of story and the one who makes the title’s “three mistakes”, has few desires and wants to become a businessman and there are two more friends of Govind they are Ishan and Omi. Ishan is a cricket lover and best cricketer of his locality and school, who helps Govind to set his business. He has also a sister about whom he is very protective but despite this, she falls in love with her private math’s tutor. The last main character of this book is Omi who has not many dreams and a rather dump boy only concentrate on having a healthy body.


PAGES – 262

Half girlfriend is a romantic novel of Chetan Bhagat. Madhav Jha, a Bihari boy who don’t speak English well, get admission in prestigious st. Stephen’s college through a sport quota where he meets with a girl Riya Somani, high class English speaking Delhi girl and fell in love with her. But, Riya doesn’t want any relationship but agrees to be his “half girlfriend” and then twist come in this story when Riya married to another person of elite class which is selected by her parents but that relation’s stay for a short time and Riya divorced him. Story does not ends here in this lots of turn and twist comes which delight us, touch our heart and inspire to chase our dream.

5 Must Read Books of Rashmi Bansal


Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert and she is a consultant for international youth research agencies. She also conducts motivational talks for corporates. Lets see some of the best selling book of Rashmi Bansal which is written on Entrepreneur’s:

1.Touch the Sky

“Touch the Sky” is a book to tribute the courage and confidence of the Indian woman from different corners of India. This book is written somewhere in Hinglish. You will learn from this book like You have to be financially independent, stop looking others and focus on your goals. This book also tells that how women are transforming their ideas and how they are rising and stand by themselves to succeed in their dream.

2.Connect the dots

“Connect the dots” is a collection of inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs written by Rashmi Bansal. This book tells stories of determination and inspiration of twenty entrepreneur’s. The interesting part of the book is in three sections-
Junoon (those people who are driven by ideas are ahead of their time), Jugaad (those people who don’t have any training in business) and Zubaan (those people with creative minds). Few pages are about what aspiring entrepreneur’s, how they did and faced difficulties and finally ending up with a small advice given by each of them.

3.I have a dream

“I have a dream” is a collection of twenty stories of entrepreneurs that have made a big difference in the world. This book is about the entrepreneur’s journey, how they develop not only their business but also society, how do they earn profits and help the society. The author has divided the book into three categories-Rainmakers, Changemakers and The Spiritual Capitalists.

4.Take Me home

This book is about twenty entrepreneurs from Small Town with Big-Dreams and how they succeed in their dreams. The theme of the book is ‘Take Me Home’ it is about the group of twenty entrepreneurs who have taken inspiration from their homes. This book is perfect for the people who want to learn the experience of the successful entrepreneur’s and brush up their entrepreneurial skills and management skills.

5.Arise, Awake

This is an inspirational book that reveals the success stories of 10 Youngsters who graduated from College and instead of taking up a job opted for Business and achieved success. This book shares stories of individuals who took decisions, which bring them to create their path for successful ventures and how they overcome hurdles.

Books of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam that will inspire you


Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who is known as the missile man of India, was the prominent Indian scientist by profession and later turned statesman. He served the India as a president and returned to teaching, writing and public service after 5 year of tenure. In his life he guided millions of students by interacting themselves and through his books. In this articles we will know about some popular books written by him from his all 25 books-

1. IGNITED MINDS – unleashing the power with India

PAGES – 204

In the “Ignited Minds” Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam primarily addressed youth of India. Being said that younger generation are nation’s true wealth, through this book he shared his experience of meeting with students and children, which he gets travelled across the country. He encourages youth to a have dream and pursue it that will not only set a platform to develop India but also whole the world. This book consists of nine chapters and as you go through one chapter, you will aspire to jump another one or read complete the book.


PAGES – 181

“Wings of fire” is a journey of “missile man” A. P. J. Adbul Kalam in which he talks about his each aspect of his life including his effort, hardship and luck. He tells how he became chief scientist of DRDO, ISRO and later 11th president of India from the impoverished background by his hardwork, determination and ability to neglect negative things around him. The optimism of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam must teach and motivate you to achieve your goals. Apart from A. P. J. from this book, you will also know more about the other brilliant people like – Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Bramh Prakash etc.