Suketu Mehta Books that you must read


Suketu Mehta, New York City-based author, was born in 1963 in Kolkata and grew up in Mumbai till 14 years and moved New York City. In his career, Suketu won several awards and was the finalist of “PULITZER PRIZE” for his book the MAXIMUM CITY. Through this post, we will know about his work, which mesmerizes the world with the help of writing ability-

1. MAXIMUM CITY: Bombay Lost And Found

PAGES – 501

Maximum City – Bombay lost and found is a creative Non-fiction book written by Sekutu published in 2004. This book shortlisted for sundry awards and won the Vodafone cross road award in 2005. This book about the MUMBAI “The City of Dreams”. Through this book, he shows many aspects of Mumbai and gives insider’s view of this metropolis.

Best books of Malcolm Gladwell


Malcolm Gladwell is a well-known author and Canadian journalist born on 3 September 1963 Hampshire, ENGLAND. Along with speaker also he has been working as a staff writer for the “NEW YORKER” since 1996. His five books have appeared on “THE NEW YOUR TIMES” bestsellers list. Let us talk about books of “GLADWELL”-

1. THE TIPPING POINT (How little things can make a big difference)

PAGES – 305

This is the debut book of Malcolm Gladwell published in 2000. On the “Tipping Point” firstly Gladwell published an article in 1996 and later he explicated it in the book with several examples. In this book, he describes that moment when social trends, idea overpass the threshold and reach to the people like a wildfire with the brilliant examples of “HUSH PUPPIES” shoes and crime rate of New York City after 1990.

2. BLINK (The power of thinking without thinking)

PAGES – 321

The power of thinking without thinking is the second NON-FICTION of Gladwell published in 2005. Gladwell in this book decipher that how our snap judgment a number of time more efficient than a carefully weighted decision. He explains how on some occasions having too much information can make our decision wrong and to prove his thesis he gives numerous illustration of Science and Medicine, Gambling, Tennis, Military War Games, Popular Games and movies etc.


PAGES – 305

This is another wonderful book of Gladwell, which got success in row published in 2008. Where THE TIPPING POINT talks about the moment and individuals ability to change the world. This book explains the factors, societal and cultural, that give a chance to get a huge success and give examples of BILL GATES, CANADIAN ICE HOCKEY PLAYERS, THE BEATLES etc to convey his saying.

Famous 3 Book By R.K.Narayan you must read


“RASIPURAM KRISHNASWAMI IYER NARAYANSWAMI” in short R. K. Narayan was born in 1906 at Madras. He was one of the finest authors of his time along with Mulk Raj Anand of Fiction, Mythology, and Non-Fiction. For his writing, he won several awards including PADMA VIBHUSHAN, Sahitya Academy award and Benson Medal etc. Let us discourse about Narayan those books, which made India and Indian writer’s apple of foreign eyes-


PAGES – 151

Malgudi days is one of the best books among the collection of R. K. Narayan books published in 1943, cluster of 32 small stories which account all kind person life of fictional Malgudi town from the beggars to Entrepreneurs. Some stories of this book adapted for both television series and cinema. Malgudi days applauded in the whole world and in 2014, 108th birthday of R. K. Narayan google made a doodle showing Nayayan behind a copy Malgudi Days.


PAGES – 221

This novel of R. K. Narayan (published in 1958) got tremendous success, brought him “SAHITYA ACADEMY AWARDS” in 1960, and adapted for the film which name is “GUIDE” released in 1965. This novel centered around the “RAJU”, Protagonist of Novel, who transfigured unexpectedly himself as a spiritual guide and later a one of the among “holy-man” of India from the most corrupt TOUR GUIDE. In this way the novel narrates, it makes R. K. Narayan a great writer and when we complete this book it spellbind us by its beauty.


PAGES – 460

Swami and Friends is one of the books of R. K. Narayan famous trilogy including The English teacher and the bachelor of art. This book is about the “Swami”, a ten-year-old boy, inhabit in Malgudi a fictional town with his family. But some circumstances compel his to leave his village and embark an adventures journey. This book of R. K. reminds us our childhood. This is the must-read book for the book lover.

Mulk Raj Anand Books


Mulk Raj Anand, born in Peshawar, was one of the first writers among those Indian writers who were used to write in English and fascinate the reader across the world. Reckon as Pioneer of Anglo-Indian fiction “RAJ ANAND” memorized for delineation of poorer classes individuals in India. He was honored with the “Padma Bhushan”. From the numerous books of Anand, let’s discuss some books which you can read –


PAGES – 160

As the name suggests, this book story revolves around the caste system or lower class people who are “untouchable” in tradition HINDU society. In this “Mulk Raj” depicts one day life of “BAKHA” who is sweeper and latrine cleaner who belongs to the outcast and untouchable for the elite class. Through the Bakha “Mulk Raj” depicts the wretchedness of lower class in India in detail and convey the people precisely that “untouchability” is a system to oppress the people.


PAGES – 265

“ACROSS THE BLACK WATERS” of Mulk Raj is the best book after the “untouchable” which is admired across the world. The protagonist of this fiction is (Lal Singh) LALU, a sepoy in Indian Army, who fights the world war-l against the Germans in France on behalf of Britain. He was an innocent peasant, belongs to a poor family, who had to expel from his land. But interesting fact here is that he even do not know why is he fighting? Why is this world war happening? The book is written by Mulk Raj in wartime and published in 1939 so the main theme of fiction is “WAR” which enchant the reader with ANAND writing skill throughout the book.

3. COOLIE (1936)


This is the another finest Novel of Mulk Raj Anand which makes him the preeminent writer of his time. This novel was published in 1936 and centered around the boy “MUNOO”, who is 14 years old, and his predicament. Due to his plight, he compels to leave his village and go to the city (Bombay) to the survive where he works as a servant, factory worker and rikshaw driver. Mulk Raj also depicts the role of the britishers and the caste system for the grim fate of individuals that make sit up and take notice to readers.

3 Most Famous books of Khushwant Singh


Khushwant Singh was an Indian novelist, journalist, and politician. He started his career as a professional lawyer and turned to Indian Foreign Service. He was awarded a Padma Bhushan for his Brilliant service to the Indian society and culture. Let us discuss some of his famous books:

1. Train to Pakistan

This novel talks of Mano Majra, a little village with a Muslim and Sikh population that suddenly becomes a part of the border between India and Pakistan. It is an ideal novel for those who want to learn about India’s past and to know more behind the partition than the socio-political scenario. The author makes his point with this book that there is no categorical distinction between a person as good or bad. It is a love story that transcends all religion and odds.

2. The Company of Women

The book talks about a millionaire businessman, Mohan Kumar who is separated from his wife and how it defines his life thereafter. So, Kumar’s journey begins a string of affairs. In this book, Khushwant Singh writes about passion, love, and sex.

3. The Sunset Club

This book takes you through the life of three elderly men, who belong to three different religion. They have been friends for more than forty years and are a part of sunset club. Every Evening, during sunset this three men sit in Lodhi Garden and include in the conversation of controversial topics which range from religion, politics, sex, and scandals. The author delicately portrays the life and problems of old age.

Famous 3 Kamla Bhasin Books


Kamla Bhasin (born in April 1946) is a well-known Indian Feminist Activist, Author and Poet. She grew up in the village of Rajasthan, which helps her to understand problems related to women in village. Bhasin spend over 35 year’s focuses on issues related to education, human development, gender and media. But through this article we will talk about her writing skill, which guide the world towards the human development-


PAGES – 191

This book is for those who are interested in gender training and want to know about the issues related to women. This book also discuss some rigid questions as the relationship b/w “woman and gender” and difference b/w “development and women”, “patriarchy and gender” and “development and gender”.



This is the magnificent book of “KAMLA BHASIN” for the children. This book narrate the story of polar bear, who is female; whose name is “MALU”. Malu is immature and does not know anything but her parents teach her what she can do, how can do and as the story goes forward the adventures of Malu entertain us and gives many lessons.



This book of “KAMLA BHASIN” is in form of questions and answer which tells us about the masculinity and its effects on individuals. Bhasin did not write in details but still it covers a lot about masculinity, which leaves the impact on the mind of the reader about masculinity.

Jhumpa Lahiri Books must read


Jhumpa Lahiri, born in July 1967 in England, is well known American author who won the “Pulitzer prize” for “Interpreter of Maladies” in 2000 in her debut novel. Presently she is in Princeton University and work as a creating writing professor. Let’s discuss those books of author which make her so glorious and memorable-


PAGES – 341

This novel of Jhumpa Lahiri nominated for numerous awards and won the DSC prize for South Asian literature in 2014. This is the legend of two brothers, Udayan and Subhash Mitra, born in Calcutta. These two are very close to each other and can say inseparable but fate has different strategies for them. They both are different in nature where Subhash leaves his home and went to America to continue his Education and want to become a scientific researcher while Udayan involved in Naxalite movement. Ahead he meets with Gauri and fall in love with her in first meeting then Udayan propose her and she accepts but they have never a family and later he was shot and killed by soldier. Subhash come to India after listening to this to look after his shattered family. Subhash propose to Gauri to marry him, who is pregnant with Udayan Child, she accepts the proposal and get marry with him and go to America with him where she gives birth to “Bela”. The lowland is very intricately woven novel, which tells the story of relationship between two brothers that gives us hope and despair with Jhumpa’s devastating work.


PAGES – 290

Ashoke Ganguli with her wife, who is pregnant and deliver her child, lives in Massachusetts (in1968) that is new city for them. The delivery has successful and they want to leave hospitals but can’t leave because they have to give name to their child for the legal birth certificate. Hence, Ashoke and Ashima are Bengalis and belongs to Calcutta so they have custom that the name of newborn baby is given by their grandmother. So they waited for the letter, which was sent by grandmother that carries the name of new born baby but that never arrives. So Ashoke decide to keep the name “gogol” after the Russian writer who rescued Ashoke’s life when he was injured in train clash. As Gogal grow up, he realized that his name is very unusual and dislike it. He changed his name legally “Nikhil” before joining the Yale University. But later he regret on change his name when his father told the story behind his name and read those books which his father presented him at the fourteen birthday. This is first full novel of Jhumpa Lahiri, which also adapted for the film.


PAGES – 200

The “Interpreter of Maladies” is debut novel of Jhumpa Lahiri, which won “Pulitzer prize for fiction” in 1999. This novel consists nine small stories about the Indians and those who lives in America. Those nine stories are –
1. A Temporary Matter.
2. When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine.
3. Interpreter of Maladies.
4. A Real Durwan.
5. Sexy.
6. Mrs. Sen’s.
7. This Blessed House.
8. The Treatment of Bibi Haldar.
9. The Third and Final Continent.

Vikram Seth Famous Books


Vikram Seth is an Indian Novelist. His first novel published in 1986, was highly acclaimed ’The Golden Gate’. Seth has received several awards including Padma Shri, Crossword Book Award. Let’s check some of his books:

1.A Suitable Boy: 20th Anniversary Edition

This book takes you into the richly imagined world of four middle class families- Mehras, Kapoors, Khans and Chatterjis. The book reveals the story of Lata Mehra, a university student who is under pressure of her mother and brother for getting married. Her family is looking for a suitable boy who could meet their standards set by her family. This book remains the story of ordinary people caught up in a web of love, ambition, humor and sadness. The Novel catch you eye on how marriage in India becomes a family affair, where all members of her family play considerable parts. It also focuses on typical problems of India that faced after Independence.

2.The Golden Gate

This book is a novel composed with beautiful lyrical sonnets. The Golden Gate talks about the story of a group of youth living in San Francisco, who embark in search of adventure and trying to understand the meaning of love. Mainly there are three characters John, Janet, Phil Liz. The book starts with John’s boring life and gets link to each character as the story unfolds.