Statue of liberty facts

Sooner or later you must heard about the magnificent idol of the America’s statue of liberty placed in the liberty island, new york in usa this sculpture is renowned across the world for its incredible art. it is one among the masterpiece of the world which individuals wish to see it in their life at once. There are many more things and Facts About this idol let’s know them–

1.The idol of this magnificent statue took almost 9 year to build.

2.Till now two people have committed suicide by jumping from this statue of liberty one died in 1929 and other in 1932 and other than two who jumped from it survived.

3.The statue the liberty, also known as the liberty enlightening the world, is icon of freedom and welcome the immigrants who come here from other countries.

4.This idol is not made by the americans rather this was gifted to America by the france in 1886.

5.Every year around 3 to 4 million people come to see this incredible sculpture.

6.The size of the shoes which this lady bear is 879.

7.Whenever the fast air blows the sculpture moves upto 3 inches and the torch, which is idol hold, moves around 5 inches.

8.Some people thinks that statue of liberty is the idol of the man but not so it the idol of the lady.

9.When the idol of “statue of liberty” was standing it was the highest structure of the iron.

10.UNESCO, in 1984, was included this statue of liberty in the list of world heritage site.

11.On this island where statue of liberty is standing firstly name of it was the “Bedloe island” which was, in 1956, changed to “liberty island”.

12.The replicas of the statue of liberty has been also available in brazil, china, Israel, and many more other countries.

13.The face of the statue of liberty is similar to sculptor’s mother because he made it like his mother’s face.

14.The height of this idol from the base to the peak of torch is 93 meter or just above 305 feet.

15.The statue of liberty is hold the torch in one hand and a book in her other hand.

16.The seven specimens those are pointed from the crown the “statue of liberty” shows the seven continents of the world.

17.The weight of this idol is 2 lakh 25 thousands kilo or can say 225 tons.

18.It was known, in 1982, about the statue of the liberty that the face of the this idol was set up by 2 feet behind the centre.

Facts About the U.S.A.

The United States of America is a large country in North America which is often referred to as “the USA” or simply America which includes both densely populated cities and vast natural areas. The climate of the USA varies considerably across the country due to differences in latitude and geographic features. Here are 20 fascinating facts about the USA. Let’s Explore them:-

1.USA is the most obese nation in the world here around 33 percent people of its population is suffering from obesity.

2.The air force army of America is at number one position in the world whereas water force army at no. 2.

3.In the united states every year approx. 800 cyclone comes.

4.This is shocking but true in every 25 teenagers 1 teenagers try to commit suicide in America.

5.We can say American loves the animals because out of 3 amercian’s 2 have a pet.

6.Christmas, which is celebrated in America with great fanfare, was illegal till 1836.

7.Smoking is how much dangerous we can understand by it that every year in the usa, one in five deaths is caused by smoking

8.Smoking in some part of America is completely legal for the minors but purchasing for them from shop is not legal.

9.Pizza is so favourite for americans people that equal to 100 acres of pizzas served them everyday.

10.In America to join the army you must have the 10 fingers in your feet.

11.In USA 7 percent of all population claim that they have never taken bath.

12.Each of American population uses paper equivalent to 465 trees during his life.

13.In USA almost every American drinks 600 cold drinks in one year.

14.The statue of liberty was gifted by france to the usa in 1886.

15.Indians did not have the right to take the us citizenship until 1924.

16.50 million cycles is thrown by the americans in every year.

17.Americans people are in number one position to eat ice-cream in the world.

18.The flag of the America is designed by a school student – Robert G. Heft.

19.Claim by the fast food nation that from 8 americans 1 will work for the Mcdonald’s.

20.In America on an average a house get burn in every 45 seconds.

21.The population of the dogs in usa is approximately 5.5 crore.

22.Hawaii, which became the state of the America in 1959, is the newest state of the America.

23.In the Montana city the population of the animals is 3 times more than the humans.

24.America has no official language.

25.In one hour Approximately 60000 people pass over the America by air.

28 unbelievable Facts about India

“INDIA”, which is also known as Hindustan, Bharat and Aryavarta, is full of diverse and renowned across the world for its “Unity In Diversity”. This is one among the fast growing or developing country in earth that also define its incredible culture, rich heritage and traditions extremely well. Along with these exceptional endowment india also replete with stunning facts which must amaze you when you will know them. let’s explore-
Country India
Capital New Delhi
No. of States 29
Territories 7
Population 132 Crore
Located in Asia
Area Covered 3,2847,264
Ranked (Area Wise) 7th
Ranked (Population Wise) 2nd
Language Hindi/English
Largest City Mumbai

Flag of India

(A) The “Art Of Sailing” was fisrt invented in the world at the “indus valley of india” in 6000 years back.

(B) “Kumbh Mela”, which organized in india after every 12 year, is the largest “Fair or Hindu Festival” of the world that can be seen from “space”.

(C) Among the whole country’s of the world in india most of the “Festivals and Holidays” are celebrated.

(D) India was the “Richest Country” of the world till 17th century.

(E) Takshashila is considered as the first university of world that was started in 700 BC.

(F) India has never attacked to any other country till now.

(G) The most vegetarian in the world is in india due to this “PIZZA HUT”and “KFC” opened their first vegetarian restaurant in india.

(H) The number of mosque in india is 3 Lakh which is the most in any other country of the world and apart from this the “Islam” religion is Second largest in india and the world.

(I) Algebra, Trigonometry and calculus were discovered in india.

(J) India is the 7th largest country in world in size, 2nd largest in population and largest in democracy.

(K) Shampoo has been discovered in india. The word “shampoo” is derived from hindi word “champoo”. Firstly shampoo was used as an ayurvedic treatment to reduce fatigue and tension.

(L) The indian kabaddi team so far has won all the 5 world cups those were organized in last 20 years.

(M) The world’s largest family lives in Mizoram in india. In this family a person with his 39 wives including 94 children, 14 daughter-in-law and 13 grandchildren lives together in four storey building.

(N) The largest school of world is placed in Lucknow, india. In this school around 45 thousands students are studying.

(O) In india there are 1,55,001 + post offices that is largest in the world and there is also a “floating post office” that is on Dal Lake in Srinagar.

(P) In himanchal pradesh there is cricket ground that is highest cricket ground of World with an altitude of 2,444 meters above the sea level built in 1893.

(Q) India was first nation to discovered the water on the moon in 2009 with the help of “Chandrayan” satellite.

(R) The “Science Day”, which is celebrated in Switzerland 26 May, is a tribute to Dr. A. P. J abdul kalam because that day Abdul went to there.

(S) India is that country in whole planet where after america “English” is spoken most.

(T) “Yoga”, which makes fresh us and very popular this time acorss the world, is introduced by india before almost 5000 years.

(U) people of “Shani Shinganapur” do not put door in their homes. They believe that if anyone will steal, he can not escape from that town and diety “Shani” give him great punishment.

(V) In india each year almost 33,000 muder takes place. This is the highest number of murder that happened in any country of the world.

(W) Jantar-Mantar, The Stone Observatory of jaipur, is the largest stone monument in the world which was built by Rajput Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh – ll in 1734.

(X) among the all doctors of “America” approximately 38% of doctors are indian.

(Y) The favorite game of mughals “Ludo” was invented in india. It was started in india around 6th century.

(Z) Varanasi, one of the most sacred city of the india, is the oldest city of world.

(AZ) The “Shirt” which we put on that buttons were discovered in india.

(BZ) Some people believe that “Hindi” is the National language of india but it is nothing like that In india no National language. We can say hindi is a official language of india.

17 interesting facts about the birds that must amaze you

In the world myriad species of birds are present and each species has different quality. Through this article we will know some amazing facts about birds-

1. There is a “nest” of falcon whose weight around 1600 kg in Maryland, America.

2. Owls have no teeth.

3. Male owl’s weight and size less than female owls.

4. Parrots can not eat chocolate because it is poisonous to them.

5. Humming bird can also fly in backward direction.

6. Ostrich’s egg takes 4 hour to boil.

7. Ducks can be fly more than 500 km in one time.

8. Birds don’t feel taste of anything because they don’t have taste glands.

9. Across the world hundred billion birds are available.

10. The weight of skeleton of birds less than their feather.

11. The size of ostrich’s eye is bigger than his mind.

12. In the world around 328 species of parrot exists.

13. Pigeon can see ultraviolet rays.

14. Archaeptyrex is the oldest bird of the earth.

15. Australian pelican peak is the longest among all birds.

16. Crows can copy of other creature’s voice.

17. Ostrich’s egg weight can be 3.5 pound.

20 interesting Human Brain facts

1. Left part of our mind control right part and right part of mind control left part.

2. Brain can damage if we did not get oxygen till 5 minute.

3. The capacity of memorizing of our mind is unlimited. It never be like laptop and mobile.

4. Brain can be sharp by playing puzzle, video game and mind game.

5. We feel fear because of amygdala part in our mind. If we remove this part from mind then we can be fearless.

6. Mind covers only 2% part of our body.

7. Scientists have proved it that who reads book continuously his mind more sharper than who don’t read books.

8. When we think a lot about something then our mind stop working.

9. In every day 60 to 70 thousands thoughts comes in our mind. In this 70% thoughts are negative and only 2% thoughts are those on which we think deeply.

10. We are able to use only 5 to 6 percent of our mind in whole life.

11. Our mind get develop 95% upto 5 year and it takes 18 year to develop 100%.

12. Mind is most omentum part of our body. It consist 60% omentum.

13. Those children who learn two languages till 5 years. Their mind structure is different from normal child.

14. First information about mind received from 6 thousand old suber.

15. With the help of yoga we can reduce tension of our mind upto 80%

16. In a research which held in Chicago find that only smell of apple can reduce tension and headache.

17. Men uses their mind 10% more in comparison to women.

18. The weight of mind of normal person can be 1500 gram.

19. 5 parts of our mind work together when we laugh.

20. Human mind is pain free because there is no vein in our mind.