15 Amazing Acid rain facts

So far, we all knew that much rain is very harmful to us, but just a few years back, it has been seen that now another rain has started to be known as Acid Rain. It has not even taken a formidable look but it can do this later. Acid rain means that ice-rush, ore and fog in which sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are dissolved in addition to carbon dioxide. Of all these pollutants, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are the main ones and this is what forces acid rain to fall.

Let’s know some facts related to acid rain-
1. The cause of acid rain is due to chimneys, buses or automated vehicles, because of which pollution occurs due to which sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are found in the atmosphere which causes acid rain to fall.

2. Acid Rain which happens in Canada, it is not due to the pollution in Canada, but its cause due to America where most of the gas is produced which help acid rainfall.

3. Acid Rain is not just due to vehicles, it can also be caused by burning coke etc. All these things also spread pollution.

4. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide found in acid rain can cause you many diseases such as cancer, asthma and even heart-related illnesses.

5. There is no smell and test like normal rain in acid rain.

6. The first focus on Acid Rain was given in 1852 and it also started in Manchester England.

7. When it got more problems in the rainy season, the government paid attention to it and started working on it and by 1970 it was too much work.

8. PH value of acid rain is as much as a vinegar or orange juice.

9. Acid rain is so dangerous that it can damage your car’s paint but yes it can not melt your car.

10. When this rain is mix in the water of the pond and in the water of the river then the river and pond water PH value is increased, due to which fishes of water started to die.

11. Acid Rain has a PH value of 4.3 while normal water or we say pure water is PH value of 7.

12. The biggest reason for this rain is the air pollution, which is caused by vehicles and other things from which smoke comes out.

13. Acid Rain affects forests and its effect can be seen in crop too.

14. Human can also suffer from acid rain, especially in breathing.

15. Acid Rain also has a risk of spoilage of buildings, especially those monuments that were made in the old days like – The Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Jantar-Mantar Monuments etc.

20 Interesting Facts about London

If we ever talk about the greatest cities in the world, then all these cities New York, Paris, Moscow, Mumbai etc first comes to our mind but in all these cities there is another city and it is none other than London city. London should be counted in this list. That’s because London also comes in the list of all these because it is one of the great cities. As well as being the great city, it is the UK’s capital also. This city is situated on the banks of River Thames.

Even today, people from all over the world come to see the glory of the Victorian era, in which the sun never sunset in its empire. Not only this, it is said to be the second largest city of the world’s top-10 roaming city by Forbes List.

Here we will talk about this city and some of the great facts related to it-

1. Approximately 70% of the total trains start either from England or it ends at just over there.

2. In the 17th century, almost 20 percent of London women were associated with prostitution.

3. If we compare London from other countries, it is very expensive to stay here. It is not for everyone to rent a room here.

4. London was the world’s first city where the train started.

5. More than 600,000 Indians live in London.

6. London’s official language is English.

7. London’s main attraction and Monuments are London Eye and London Tower, those people come from foreign countries to see.

8. Big Ben Monuments is a very famous monument of here and if you have to build it at this time then it will cost about US $ 200,000.

9. More than 70 billionaires live in the city and it is also the sixth most expensive city in the world.

10. Almost ten million people live in London

11. The river of London, whose name is the Thames River, is considered one of the cleanest rivers in the world.

12. In the 18th Century, if you had to enter in the zoo and if you do not have money then instead of giving you rat or cat you could also enter in the zoo.

13. The highest number of religion in the city of London is Christianity, then the number comes of the Islamic religion. After all this Hindu religion is also celebrated here.

14. 15 million people from around the world come to see London every year.

15. About 20% of United Kingdom’s total income comes from London City only.

16. The city of London was the richest city in the world during the 19th century, but in other times, other cities have gone beyond this city, especially the cities of America.

17. In London, more than 300 languages are spoken, while some people think that only English is spoken here.

18. London used to be the capital of England at one time but this time it is the capital of the United Kingdom.

19. London city’s income is so much that many Europeans are lagging behind in term of income.

20. London is the largest city in the United Kingdom.

28 Interesting Facts about Mauritius

Mauritius, which is one of the smallest countries in the world, is spread over 2040 square kilometers. In the case of the area, it is 170th country which has population density of 618 sq. Kms. This country is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and known throughout the world for its natural beauty and for its very interesting peace and history which attract millions of tourism every year.

Let’s know some amazing facts related to this beautiful country-

1. As we have told you above that this country is very small and there is less populations live, around 14,00,000 people live here.

2. Most wild animals are not found in Mauritius.

3. The national bird of Mauritius is Do-do, this bird is now extinct from Mauritius.

4. In Mauritius, thousands of turtles are found which are very large in size.

5. The species of bird named Do-do is considered to be approximately 40,00,000 old parasites.

6. Mauritius is the capital of Port Louis and approximately 40 percent of Mauritius’s population lives in this city.

7. The snakes found in Mauritius are not poisonous.

8. There are many small beaches to roam in this country and apart from this tourist can roam tropical island which is found here in great quantity.

9. Mauritius has no culture, but other countries culture there are found such as Hindu, Europeans, African, Chinese culture etc.

10. If Mauritius is seen by length, it is only 45 kilometers long and almost so wide.

11. If left to India and Nepal, Mauritius is the only country which is a country with Hindu majority.

12. Mauritius is the only country in Africa where is Hindu majority.

13. Do-do was a non-flying bird which is considered to be a bird of the family of pigeon.

14. Mauritius does not have any mineral mines but it is still considered one of the rich countries and it is considered because it is known for its tourism in the whole world and due to its economy is also good.

15. Do-do bird which has disappeared from this world for the time being but before this bird was found only in this country, it was not found in any other country.

16. The horse race is very popular in Mauritius

17. Like other countries, this country has been ruled by England but it got independence on March 12, 1968 and it became an independent country

18. The official name of Mauritius is the Republic of Mauritius.

19. Here most of the population is Hindu, here it is about 52 percent of Hindus residing here and then the number comes to the Christian people and then the Muslim population is the highest here.

20. A seven-colored mound is found in Mauritius, it is seven colors similar to the rainbow, and this color does not even come out in rain. People come from far away to see it even this is the most spectacular tourist place in Mauritius.

21. Before 1638, there was no man here, first in 1638, the Dutch people made it their home.

22. This country has been named Mauritius by Dutch people.

23. Those people who are Indians in Mauritius mostly belong to Bihar mean that they are from Bihar.

24. Mauritius country is made up of a large Ireland and several smaller Ireland

25. The official language of Mauritius has not been given in its constitution.

26. The languages are spoken mainly French, English, Bhojpuri etc.

27. Since 1992 this country is known as the Republic of Mauritius country.

28. Mauritius has four colors on the flag and it has four colors, red yellow green and blue, all four colors show different things about the country.

Facts about Nigeria

Nigeria is a country of Africa which is also the most populous country here. This country is inhabited in the west side of Africa. If we talk that Nigeria is a new country or old, then it is a very old country, it was founded around 9000 BC and the civilization of this is still seen here. Not only this, there is also a lot of places to roam in Nigeria such as – Niger river this river is so beautiful that tourists come from a distance to see it, besides the Yankari National park, long Juju Shrine Of Arochukwu and Chad Lake are some of the places to visit.

Now let’s talk about some facts related to Nigeria-

1. The official name of Nigeria is the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2. Nigeria’s name is placed here on the third longest river Niger.

3. Islam religion and Christian religion are considered to be main religion in Nigeria, and besides this there are 500 more Ethnic group live.

4. Africa is ranked seventh in the world in terms of population and comes before China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan.

5. Africa’s population is close to 18 crore, which is why it is the most populous country in Africa.

6. Nigeria’s population is growing very fast; in 1911, the population here was approximately 1.5 crore, while at present it is 18 crores and it is estimated that by 2050, the population will be 44 to 45 crores.

7. Where India has 29 states, the same Nigerian is made up of 36 states.

8. Nigeria spreads in about 9,23,768 square kilometer.

9. More than 500 languages are spoken in Nigeria, but the main language here is English.

10. After two years of independence in Nigeria, the civil war had started here.

11. Nigerian berth rate is highest, meaning girls here give birth to most children. Here birth date is very high.

12. Nigeria is Africa’s largest country in terms of economy.

13. If most of the twins are found in the world, then it is found only in Nigeria.

14. Nigeria’s democracy is the seventh largest democracy in the world.

15. Nigerian currency is naira and if you compare us with Indian Rupees, then India’s ₹ 1 equivalent to Nigeria case is 4.5 naira.

16. In India, where there are 3 seasons, there are only two seasons in Nigeria where there is a rainy season and there is a dry season besides these two seasons are 6-6 months.

17. Nigeria is a very sensitive country towards AIDS, compared to other African countries, there is very less AIDS.

18. Nigeria is considered to be one of the world’s emerging power because it is developing very fast. its earning sources are its mineral oil and service sector etc.

19. Here is a city, Logos which is the most populous city in Nigeria.

20. Nigeria is not behind in the film industry, it is home to the second largest film industry after Bollywood and the film industry is known as Naliwood.

21. Nigeria is very much ahead in the case of corruption, there is a lot of corruption here.

22. By the way, this number is considered low but we still want to tell you that there are 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Nigeria.

23. The reason for Nigeria’s economic source is to export petroleum, rubber and cocoa.

24. Nigerian’s 3 largest ethnic groups are Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo.

25. The average age of a person in Nigeria is only 52 years and that is because there is a shortage of water as well as lack of amenities, due to which the people here live less.

26. Nigerian country located in the west of Benin and near Chad and Cameroon in the east.

27. Many types of species of wildlife are found in Nigeria, which are not found in elsewhere, some of those are Skinner’s Gyonon and Ibadan Marimba etc.

28. Nigeria is not far behind in the case of oil, it comes to the tenth best in the world in terms of oil production.

21 United Kingdom facts that will amaze you

We all know that the UK has ruled almost all countries and its terror has been tolerated by all countries and You must know that the United Kingdom is made up of four countries. But do you know when it is called Britain and Great Britain, if no then let’s first know – when England is mixed with Bells, then Is called Britain and when Scotland is mixed with England and Wales, then it is called Great Britain, and when the four countries are mixed together then it is called the United Kingdom. Now you will understand that when it is called Britain and Great Britain and UK.

Let’s know some of the amazing facts about the UK:

1. The currency OF UK is Britain pounds, if we compile India’s rupee, then equal to one Britain pound equal to 91 ₹ of India.

2. This country has so far ruled over more than 58 countries. It Shows people’s power and mind of here.

3. There is no religion here, but people here mostly believe in Christianity.

4. The capital of the United Kingdom is London and this is also the biggest city of here.

5. The Underground Railway first Station was originally built in the UK.

6. Nearly 20% of the United Kingdom’s income comes from London City.

7. The amount of vegetarians in UK is very low.

8. The United Kingdom is composed of four countries and 4 countries are England Scotland Belles and North Ireland, these four countries together make the United Kingdom

9. Most games such as football, cricket, rugby etc are invented by the UK.

10. The population of UK is around 6.5 crore.

11. Three Olympic Games have been organized in the United Kingdom so far.

12. If you have a UK passport then you can roam around in these four countries, no one will stop you from it.

13. If you cross the age of 100 in the UK or reach the age of 100, you are given a gift in a card by the Queen of UK.

14. The UK is spread around 2,42,500 Square kilometers, but in spite of it is surrounded by sea all around, and the distance of the sea cannot be more than 113 kilometers from any place.

15. If you want to call the toll free number in the UK, you can do it also via Skype.

16. According to a survey, it is found that people in the UK drink 135 million tea in just 1 day.

17. The world’s smallest airline is also in the UK, it just takes 2 minutes to reach one place to another.

18. UK passport is considered the world’s third most powerful passport.

19. Where in India almost 20 minutes of an ad is given in 1 hour. In the UK you can not ad more than 12 minutes in 1 hour. If you do this then here you can be punished because here this Is illegal.

20. UK is also a very attractive country for tourism, here, more than 3.5 crore people come to visit every year.

21. UK is made up of 4 countries but rules and culture of these four countries are very different and it does not match each other.

27 Amazing Facts about Spain

In this post we are going to talk about some of the Spain-related facts. Spain is a country which is known for its peace, love and beauty, throughout Europe and around the world, even during World War first and World War II it did not take part in it, while it is a very powerful country. Here the language is Spanish and besides this other languages are also spoken here and I Want to tell you that Spanish language is spoken more than English in America. Let’s know some more adventurous facts like this that are related to Spain-

1. Spain’s National Anthem is great, it’s very different from all the countries because there is not a single word in Spain’s National Anthem but it’s just tuning.

2. Spain is Europe’s second largest country.

3. Stapler was discovered in Spain

4. There are so many lighthouses in the world, but the world’s oldest lighthouse is in Spain, which was built in the first century and is still used today.

5. Where in many countries the child has to adopt his father’s surname, you are exempted in this country, if you wish, one of your mother or father can use somebody’s surname.

6. When Prostitute of Spain works and stays on the road, they wear a suit of yellow color, so that there is no danger of an accident.

7. Where can you marry only after 18 years in India, in Spain if you are 16, then the girl and boy can marry anyone with her own will.

8. If you say bad things to the royal family of Spain, you can be punished for up to 2 years in Spain.

9. Spain is the world’s third-largest tourist attraction, there are more than 60 million people come here every year.

10. The official name of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain.

11. While on one hand, we see that nowadays there is a lift in every building for the convenience and pleasure, while there are 47 such buildings in Spain which is very heighted but they do not have any lift.

12. While Holi and Diwali festival are very popular in India on one side, such a festival is celebrated in Spain also in which people throw tomato on each other. The festival is celebrated with great fanfare in Spain and it is also main festival of Spain.

13. There is a visa Ireland, where people come from far away, it is the most famous Ireland of Europe.

14. In Spain, the number of bars is very high,
Here, the number of bars is more than two lakhs where all things are available besides alcohol like coffee, snakes, tea etc.

15. The length of Spain beaches is 8000 kilometers and people can roam here without cloth and take sunshine.

16. Here’s another festival which is very popular that is bullfighting, this country is known throughout the world for bullfighting, and we want to let you know that this game is very dangerous and in this game, till now many people have died.

17. Every boy or girl in Spain can undress anywhere There is no restriction on It.

18. Spain’s population is approximately 5 million.

19. Almost 45 percent of world’s olive oil is produced only from Spain.

20. By 2015 and earlier, 14 years for marriage in Spain and 13 years of age for sex was kept, but after 2015, it was changed and it was increased to 16 years after 2015.

21. If we talk about which is Spain’s largest city, here is the largest city Madrid, which is also the Capital City of Spain.

22. Wind turbine invention has also been done by the people of Spain.

23. According to a report it has been estimated that by 2050 the oldest people will be found in this country.

24. This fact will surprise you that people here buy more four-wheelers than mobile phones because the people here are very much interested in Four Wheeler.

25. There is a lot of difference between poverty and wealth in Spain.

26. Spanish is spoken in Spain and it is the second most spoken language in the world.

27. There is 44 World Heritage Site in Spain and Spain has the third number in the World Heritage Site.

20 interesting Facts about Desert

Where we are pleased to see the beauty of the world and see the river by looking at the river, on the other hand, we get goosebumps by listening to the name only of Desert because of they all such big and scary. If someone is lost here, it is not difficult to avoid it and here it has happened to so many people. The sad fact is that the desert is growing rapidly every year. Let’s know in this post some more facts related to the desert which will force you to think once-

1. There are two types of DESERT on the Basis of Temperature: HOT DESERT and COLD DESERT

2. DESERT has less than 25 Centimeter rain in 1 year.

3. SAHARA DESERT is the world’s largest HOT DESERT whose name is derived from an ARABIC WORD “SAHRA” which means that THE GREAT DESERT.

4. SAHARA is 3 times bigger than India, which covers 9.4 million SQUARE kilometers AREA.

5. If we talk about the most dangerous DESERT INSECTS then the first name in it is AFRICANIZED BEE, whose bite can kill people.

6. In the ARCTIC DESERT sunset takes place in 7 days so it is known as “THE LAND OF MIDNIGHT SUN”.

7. ATACAMA DESERT is the world’s driest DESERT.

8. In 1923 Dinosaur’s first EGG was Discovered in GOBI DESERT. This DESERT is the world’s fastest-growing DESERT.

9. Talk about DESERT, the world’s smallest, DESERT named “CARCROSS” in Canada and YUKAN which is spread over just 640 kilometers.

10. DESERT is increasing by 45,000 + SQUARE MILE every in 1 year and all this is due to Climate Change and Human Activitie.

11. 33% of the world’s land is barren or semi-arid.

12. INDIA’s Coldest DESERT is in Ladakh and there is a city named DRASS which is one of the coolest places in the world where people live.

13. If we talk about the largest DESERT, then ANTARCTIC DESERT is the world’s largest DESERT, which is a COLD DESERT and it is
spread around in 5.5 MILLION sq.miles.

14. SAHARA DESERT used to be green at one time, there are ancient times PAINTINGS in the caves that show that here thousands of years ago used to be RIVER and forest.

15. TEMPERATURE of SAHARA reaches 50 ° C in the summer. While 57.7 °C MEASURE of “AL AZIZIA” in the HIGHEST all-time temperature in 1922 in Libya.

16. SAHARA DESERT touches 11 countries of the world.

17. Sahara DESERT is the world’s third-largest DESERT after Antarctica and Arctic DESERT.

18. HOT DESERT meets in the Topical region while cold DESERT meets in HIGH ALTITUDE and HIGH LATITUDE.

19. The world’s largest hot desert are Sahara DESERT, Kalahari DESERT AND Thar DESERT ETC and some of the world’s Cold DESERT is Siberian DESERT, Ladakh DESERT etc.

20. Some plants and animals those are live in temperature of hot desert such as CACTUS, SHRUBS CAMELS, and LIZARDS etc. and in COLD DESERT’s Temperature, some plants and ANIMAL stay alive like – APPLE AND YAK ETC.

20 interestings Facts about Mughal Empire that you didn’t heard

Whenever we talk about the reigns of the kings, Mughal Empire is definitely discussed because the kings of Mughals empire were such that without the discussion these all, kings of old age cannot be explicate. Because All Mughal kings have their own separate Styles for which they all are known today, such as Akbar, who is most discussed for his fairness and after it, the number comes of Aurangzeb who also belonged to the Mughal empire, is discussed because he was the cruelest king of the Mughal empire, he has done many things, which is why he is considered to be the most infamous King, like breaking Hindu temple and re-implementing the Jajiya Tax etc. Apart from this, another king of that time that is the most discussed of Mughal Empire is Shahjahan. The age of Shah Jahan has been considered as the Golden Age of Architecture in the Mughals umpire.
There are many other things that are left to know about the Mughal Empire. Let us know all these things through these facts.

1. 6 MUGHAL kings rules on INDIA namely Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan and Aurangzeb.

2. Babar, who was the first ruler of the MUGHAL empire, won the palace of Firghana at the age of 12.

3. Panipat’s 3 battles are very famous, two of which were fought by Mughal kings. The first battle was in 1526 between Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi and the second was fought in 1556 between Akbar and Hemu.

4. Babar is believed to be a founder of the Mughal EMPIRE of INDIA who ruled India for 4 years and defeated many Rajput kings.

5. Among all Mughals kings, the cruelest King was Aurangzeb who broke many Hindu temples.

6. In the Mughal EMPIRE, the JAZIYA law was first introduced by Humayun and accordance with this law, Hindus had to pay taxes and who could not pay taxes, they had to become Muslims.

7. By the end of the 16th century, the Mughal rule was only in Delhi and Agra, but by the 17th century, Mughal had ruled the entire INDIA.

8. In the Mughal empire, the most infamous tax was JAZIYA tax which had been closed by Akbar but his grandson Aurangzeb had started it again.

9. Akbar’s EMPIRE was larger than Ashoka’s EMPIRE.

10. According to Time Magazine, Akbar is one of the TOP 25 POLITICAL ICONS of HISTORY.

11. Urdu, which is the fusion of PERSIAN and Hindi LANGUAGE, was developed under the Mughal empire.

12. In Akbar’s Haram, he had 36 wives and 300 women.

13. Bahadur Shah had four wives, which was considered less at that time, but he had 22 sons and 32 daughters.

14. Kohinoor diamond was once found in Mughal’s “PEACOCK THRONE”.

15. At one time the Mughal EMPIRE had vanished because Sher Shah Suri had defeated Humayun in the Battle of CHUNAR of 1540 and ruled it for 15 years.

16. Akbar was 1st EMPIRE who used METAL CYLINDER ROCKET which is also known as BANS.

17. Aurangzeb had become the 6th Mughal EMPIRE by putting his father in jail and killing his brother.

18. The SHAMPOO that we use today was introduced by Mughal.

19. Khurram, who is known as Shahjahan, reign was called the GOLDEN AGE of Mughal Architecture.

20. Akbar started a new RELIGION in his reign, which was named “Din-A-Elahi” in which religion everyone was equal.