Best Books of Paulo Coelho


If you are reader or want to start reading then it is big question in front of you that from which book should I start to read so I can get wonderful content, pleasure and also motivation. To find out a good book in myriad Collection is a herculean task. So in this article I am going to tell you some important books of Paulo Coelho that you must read once in your life.


Genre – Adventure, Quest, Fantasy
Pages – 163 pp (first english edition)
               208 pp( 25th anniversary edition)

The alchemist tells the story of Andalusian shephard boy named Santiago. One day while sleeping abandoned church has a recurring dream about the child who tells him that if he will travel Egyptian pyramids he will get hidden treasure. After it he asks rumani fortune-teller about its meaning. Woman explains him that the dream is a prophetic and he follows his dream to get treasure in Egyptian pyramids.
Although he is uncertain but he starts his journey and in this he meets a mysterious old man who introduce himself as a king of Salem. He explains Santiago about good and bad omens and says that it is your duty to pursue your “personal legend”
In the journey of Santiago, he faces lots of challenges and it ends with digging up in the abandon church from where the whole story started.


PAGES – 320

In this book Paulo Coelho is telling the story about the woman whose name is maria, a young girl belongs to a village of brazil, whose first innocent brushes with love leave her heart-broken. Maria has several love experience with young love but true loves never appears in her life because of this she has convinced that she will never find true love. She destined to live without true love.
She leaves her home to go to geneva in hopes of great love and adventure but the situation does not prove to be what she thought but to return home she has no money because of this she enters in prostitution to earn money quickly.


PAGES – 374
GENRE – Novel

This book story revolves around 4-5 character. One is Igor whose sole aim is to back his ex-wife in his life. His wife name is Ewa who has married to hamid Hussein. Hamid is wealthy and famous person but Ewa does not love him. She is with him because she is safe from his ex-husband Igor. Gabreilla 25 years old lady wants to become a star but she is running out of time. But instead of it she gets big break.
Another one is jasmine who is very famous and understands that all world surroundings her.


PAGES – 210

Veronika decides to die is the story of 24 years old woman who has attempted to suicide and stay at mental hospital.
She has fed up of her life and she feels powerless to change it because of it she gets eat pills but her attempt to suicide get fails and she awakens in an mental institution called villete.
She is very serious. Her heart has damaged very much. She has a few days to live. As the days of death coming close she is enjoying the life and wants to live more and want to do whatever she likes without caring the world.

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