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Vikram Seth is an Indian Novelist. His first novel published in 1986, was highly acclaimed ’The Golden Gate’. Seth has received several awards including Padma Shri, Crossword Book Award. Let’s check some of his books:

1.A Suitable Boy: 20th Anniversary Edition

This book takes you into the richly imagined world of four middle class families- Mehras, Kapoors, Khans and Chatterjis. The book reveals the story of Lata Mehra, a university student who is under pressure of her mother and brother for getting married. Her family is looking for a suitable boy who could meet their standards set by her family. This book remains the story of ordinary people caught up in a web of love, ambition, humor and sadness. The Novel catch you eye on how marriage in India becomes a family affair, where all members of her family play considerable parts. It also focuses on typical problems of India that faced after Independence.

2.The Golden Gate

This book is a novel composed with beautiful lyrical sonnets. The Golden Gate talks about the story of a group of youth living in San Francisco, who embark in search of adventure and trying to understand the meaning of love. Mainly there are three characters John, Janet, Phil Liz. The book starts with John’s boring life and gets link to each character as the story unfolds.

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