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Sunetra Gupta is an acclaimed novelist and scientist. In 2009, she was the winner of the Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award for her Scientific Achievements. So Good in Black which was longlisted for the DSC prize for South Asian Literature. Here we will discuss some of her books:

1.Memories of Rain: A Novel

This novel is about a lady Moni who is ready for experiences beyond the cloistered life and falls for sophisticated British student. This book tells you thick slices of experience slathered with the truths of human feelings.

2. A Sin of Color

This book tells you the story of three generations and of a house of Calcutta called Mandalay and is about the choices made by its two protagonists, Debendranath Roy and his niece Niharika during two different time, when both are in their late youth. Both are victims of unrequited love, this colors their lives profoundly, eventually leading them to their sins.

3. So Good in Black

This book tells you about the American travel writer Max Gate who is coming back to India after 15 years to attend the funeral of a prominent advocacy journalist. The primary focus of the novel is on the all-consuming and compelling past as narrator Max Gate tries to understand what happened to him in Calcutta. “So Good in Black” is a complex back-story of interrelationship and is told in snippets of conversations and alternately clear and ambiguous fragments of memory.

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