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Mulk Raj Anand, born in Peshawar, was one of the first writers among those Indian writers who were used to write in English and fascinate the reader across the world. Reckon as Pioneer of Anglo-Indian fiction “RAJ ANAND” memorized for delineation of poorer classes individuals in India. He was honored with the “Padma Bhushan”. From the numerous books of Anand, let’s discuss some books which you can read –


PAGES – 160

As the name suggests, this book story revolves around the caste system or lower class people who are “untouchable” in tradition HINDU society. In this “Mulk Raj” depicts one day life of “BAKHA” who is sweeper and latrine cleaner who belongs to the outcast and untouchable for the elite class. Through the Bakha “Mulk Raj” depicts the wretchedness of lower class in India in detail and convey the people precisely that “untouchability” is a system to oppress the people.


PAGES – 265

“ACROSS THE BLACK WATERS” of Mulk Raj is the best book after the “untouchable” which is admired across the world. The protagonist of this fiction is (Lal Singh) LALU, a sepoy in Indian Army, who fights the world war-l against the Germans in France on behalf of Britain. He was an innocent peasant, belongs to a poor family, who had to expel from his land. But interesting fact here is that he even do not know why is he fighting? Why is this world war happening? The book is written by Mulk Raj in wartime and published in 1939 so the main theme of fiction is “WAR” which enchant the reader with ANAND writing skill throughout the book.

3. COOLIE (1936)


This is the another finest Novel of Mulk Raj Anand which makes him the preeminent writer of his time. This novel was published in 1936 and centered around the boy “MUNOO”, who is 14 years old, and his predicament. Due to his plight, he compels to leave his village and go to the city (Bombay) to the survive where he works as a servant, factory worker and rikshaw driver. Mulk Raj also depicts the role of the britishers and the caste system for the grim fate of individuals that make sit up and take notice to readers.

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