3 Most Famous books of Khushwant Singh

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Khushwant Singh was an Indian novelist, journalist, and politician. He started his career as a professional lawyer and turned to Indian Foreign Service. He was awarded a Padma Bhushan for his Brilliant service to the Indian society and culture. Let us discuss some of his famous books:

1. Train to Pakistan

This novel talks of Mano Majra, a little village with a Muslim and Sikh population that suddenly becomes a part of the border between India and Pakistan. It is an ideal novel for those who want to learn about India’s past and to know more behind the partition than the socio-political scenario. The author makes his point with this book that there is no categorical distinction between a person as good or bad. It is a love story that transcends all religion and odds.

2. The Company of Women

The book talks about a millionaire businessman, Mohan Kumar who is separated from his wife and how it defines his life thereafter. So, Kumar’s journey begins a string of affairs. In this book, Khushwant Singh writes about passion, love, and sex.

3. The Sunset Club

This book takes you through the life of three elderly men, who belong to three different religion. They have been friends for more than forty years and are a part of sunset club. Every Evening, during sunset this three men sit in Lodhi Garden and include in the conversation of controversial topics which range from religion, politics, sex, and scandals. The author delicately portrays the life and problems of old age.

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