Bollywood Actors who have written books and turned authors

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Besides Acting, there are many Bollywood celebrities who have written books and share their opinions. Here we are taking some celebrities who have written books:

1. Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood (Ayushmann Khurrana)

In this book, Ayushmann Khurrana has written about his journey how he becomes a professional actor. This book is not only inspiring for ones who want to become an actor but also for youngsters who want to succeed. The codes, which he mentions in the book, hold true value for everyone. The books talk about the challenges which Ayushmann faced and how did he reacted to the situations comes in his way. The book has everything in the journey to become an actor. Follow each code in order to be successful.

2. The Great Indian Diet (Shilpa Shetty)

In this book, Shilpa Shetty tells about how to maintain a good health and spirit and how Indian cooking materials available at affordable price in the market to support a healthy lifestyle. The book elaborates how to take adequate care of the daily nutrition intake and tells how nutrition-content present in different types of food. This is an informative book, which aims to make readers how to be healthy by eating good food and eating the right food.

3. The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments with Parenting (Sonali Bendre Behl)

In this book, Sonali Bendre Beh tells about her three principles of parenting that will help you how to raise your child in digital age. As the trend in Urban that nuclear family is becoming the norm replacing the joint-family. What happens with the child who grows up with one singular support system. This book has three principles i.e Personal, anecdotal and honest which is must need to raise a healthy and a compassionate child.

4. The kiss of Life (Emraan Hashmi)

“The Kiss of Life” is an autobiography of Emraan Hashmi’s life. After his long struggle, he has stabilized his acting career and was on high, when his four-year-old son Ayaan was ill. During the child’s illness, he has done much research on cancer and the book records a lot of research material for cancer patients and their caretakers. This book teaches us- How important the “Hope” is! and how Emraan has done a marvelous job by creating awareness for Cancer.

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