Bhangarh ford the most haunted fort in India

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There are many such fortifications in India that exhibit the pride of India not only in India but in the whole world. In India there are such fort also which are not famous for its architecture and glorious history but infamous for its numerous ghostly experience. In this Article I am going to tell you about Bhangarh fort. ASI (Archaeological survey of India) has forbidden the tourists and locals for entering to fort at night. This fort is located in “Alwar” district of Rajasthan.


BUILT BY – Man Singh – l
WHEN – 17TH century

There are two legends behind the Bhangarh fort which is reported to be haunted. There is also notice board put up by ASI at the entrance of this fort that no one is allowed to remain in the precincts of the fort at night.

1. The first legend is that there was a princess of Bhangarh who was very beautiful. One day when she got out of the palace, she saw a tantrik. Tantrik was fancinated by seeing the beauty of the princess he wished to marry the princess but princess refused to marry him.

But that Tantric decided to marry Princess Ratnavati and he kept an eye on every small activity of Ratnavati. One day he saw the princess’s servants buying perfumes for her. The Tantric used his black magic to fascinate that servant, but another servant of the princess saw this tantrik doing this and gave this information to the princess of Ratnavati immediately.

The princess sent some soldiers to kill the tantrik but before the dying, the tantric cursed the entire Bhangarh with the princess.

Due to his curse Princess Rathnavati died a few times, and after some time, the fort of Bhangarh was destroyed. It is said that the spirit of princess Ratnavati revolves around this fort of Bhangarh and prevents people coming in this fort.

It is said that even today, the voice comes with the garrison of armed weapon of arms, crying, screaming, shouting. In today’s time, this fort is the most scary fort of the India.

2. Second legend about this fort –

Bhangarh is the cursed place by Guru Balunath. The surprising thing is that Guru Balunath had given permission to build this fort. But at the same time, he had warned that the height of this fort would not be in his meditative place.

But the king of that place did not pay attention to this and the shadow of the fort started falling on the meditation place of Balunath. Angry by this, Balunath cursed the king. Because of this curse, the entire fort was destroyed.


1. The board has been set up by the State Government on the each sides of Bhangarh Fort, which is completely prohibited before the sunrise and after Sunset, the entry on it is completely prohibited.
2. It is said that there is an idol in this fort, whoever tries to take photographs of this idol from the camera. That camera gets deformed.

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