Beautiful landscapes of the world where you must visit

As the world growing and developing the condition of the earth is becoming more worse and nature is losing its beauty while in contrary man-made buildings, architecture etc are blooming and alluring the individual towards it. But by the grace of God, the condition of the earth is not at zenith and Here are yet some beautiful places and landscapes exist that how much human efforts those will be more pleasing and attract than the man-made structures. Let’s know them–

1.The Plitvice park and its waterfall – Croatia

Placed in Croatia this is the UNESCO world heritage site and largest park of the there that beauty is this park there are 16 lakes and waterfalls which are an array in cascading form and the water flow of them gives outstanding landscapes.

2.Alberta – Canada

Alberta is a province of the Canada which is known for its numerous hyperphysical places along with snow caped peaks those kisses the sky and efficacious sceneries. In this province, you can visit Lake Louise, Banff national park and sunshine village ski resort etc.

3.Dead sea – Israel

Located in the desert of Israel this charming place has been attracting myriad visitors towards it for many years. This is the lowest sea of the world which is 400 meters below the sea level. Visitors come here to see the landscape of this unbelievable sea and take bath in it because the water of this is very beneficial for the skin and health.

4.Salar of Uyuni – Bolivia

The world largest salt flat, spanning around in 12,107 sq km, is one of the most beautiful spots in the world where you feel like you are middle of clouds. The extraordinary flatness of this place is really heart-touching and worth seeing.


One of the most beautiful landscapes this Austria’s Hallstatt village is a heart-warming place where the framing of mountains looks unlikely to be true. In addition to these amazing mountains in this UNESCO world heritage site, you can visit divine churches, salt world and the caves of the Dachstein etc.


Although not very huge in size but famous across the world for its landscapes of “bamboo grove” where visitors feel like they have entered in another on the planet. Must visit the place once in life.

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