Banksy artwork | Banksy Painting

Banksy artwork | Banksy Painting

One way of giving a political message is by raising your voice and artists do that by raising their voices in their own peculiar ways. Banksy gave many political and anti-establishment messages through his work, the pieces of arts, where he used images of rats, children, soldiers, and individuals from police to depict his message. Banksy started his career as a freehand scribbling artist and he became a member of the DryBreadZ Crew of Bristol in the early nineties. He used stencils mostly his work consisted of stenciling

Real Name of Banksy:
Banksy has been quite successful in keeping his true name hidden, and most of the people have never bothered to know it as well. Well, it’s not truly a confirm call, but he is thought to be a man named, Robert Gunningham. Apart from this, he is also known as Robert Banks. This anonymous artist is thought to be born in Bristol in 1974. He then moved to London somewhere around 2000. There have been many speculations yet he has remained unknown as most of his identity is based on speculations.

Famous Paintings of Banksy:
He has given many anti-establishment, political, and capitalist messages in his pieces of work. Most of his work was two-dimensional depicting rats, animals, policemen, soldiers, wars, royal families and apes. There has been a work where a live elephant was painted with Victorian wallpaper and this worked proved out to be very controversial among the activists of animal rights.
In many exhibitions, the work of Banksy stood out notably in Turf War and Existencilism. He got very famous due to his own style and unique ways of delivering political messages in his art and his work are appreciated all around the globe. Slave Labour is among his most notable pieces and it is worth something around £400,000. He also published a book of his named, Wall and Piece, which contains his artwork. Though he is appreciated around the world for his art there also have been many critics of his work saying it is just defacing and nothing else.
In the Elephant Enclosure in the London Zoo, he left a certain message which became very famous, “I want out. This place is too cold. Keeper smells. Boring…Boring…Boring.”
And then it was June 2006, when he painted Well Hung Lover. It was an image where a naked man was hanging out of his bedroom window somewhere in Bristol. This painting became very debatable and the matter went into the hands of Bristol City Council.

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Why did Banksy hide his identity?

So with such skills and widely appreciated work, why would a man hide his real identity? Well, technically his work was mostly vandalism, so working as a public street artist and raising his voice against establishment, cops, politics and many social issues he was vulnerable to high risk. Some people think it as a publicity stunt, as he used his anonymous identity as a marketing tool. It looks so intriguing that not only his work is a mystery; the producer of this work also remains a mystery.

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