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In this article we are going to know about amazing personality who won the man booker prize for fiction in 1997 for “the god of small things” she is none other than “Arundhati Roy” who is Indian writer along with essayist and political activist involved in environmental causes and human rights. Arundhati Roy started her career as a screenwriter and write screenplays for movies such as – “electric moon”. She took four year to write her first book and it published in 1996 that bring name and fame to her. Through this blog we discuss some successful books of Roy which you can read-


PAGES – 350
GENRE – Literary fiction

This is the first novel of Arundhati Roy and she took four years to write it. Ammu lpe, the mother of twin’s Estha and Rahel, marries an estate manager to get rid of her father (pappachi) and mother (mammachi). But later Ammu finds her husband is alcoholic and tries to pimp her in order to save his job and beats her when she refuses because of this ammu leaves her husband and return to her parents home with her twins. Chacko, the brother of Ammu, has also returned to India from England to run the family business of pickle after giving divorce to her English wife “Margaret”. In this story there are many more characters like – pappachi’s sister “Navomi Lpe” sister’s husband father Mulligan (a young Irish priest) chacko’s daughter etc. who plays important role in fiction and make this more excitable to the reader. The books finally shows how the small things affect behavior of the people and their life and the book ends with the twins having sex.

2. LISTENING TO GRASSHOPPERS – fields notes on democracy

PAGES – 300

Arundhati Roy in this book brings bitter realities of life in India and show dark side of democracy and ask many questions to the readers about old Hindu philosophies of nationalism and democracy. Roy feels that only elite class enjoy the democracy while rest are striving to live better life. She also talks about the policies of India that shows no implementation on it and economic growth that does not seem to be real growth. This book is collection of essay written which also includes massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 and attack on the Indian parliament in 2001 and Roy gives a jolt to her reader by thinking about themselves whether they live in a democratic country.


PAGES – 144

Roy in this book raise the issue that for the comfort of few people government is neglecting the whole population of country and talks about mask which nation wear in the name of prosperity. Roy also discuss two of illusions of India’s progress – first one about the controversial huge dam which has deprived their original land and livelihood from many people and another one is about the test of nuclear bomb instead over 400 million individual are illiterate and living in absolute poverty. Roy tries to peels away the mask through this book, which Indian democracy put on to show the reality hidden beneath it.

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