20 interesting Human Brain facts

arvind-patel Interesting Facts

1. Left part of our mind control right part and right part of mind control left part.

2. Brain can damage if we did not get oxygen till 5 minute.

3. The capacity of memorizing of our mind is unlimited. It never be like laptop and mobile.

4. Brain can be sharp by playing puzzle, video game and mind game.

5. We feel fear because of amygdala part in our mind. If we remove this part from mind then we can be fearless.

6. Mind covers only 2% part of our body.

7. Scientists have proved it that who reads book continuously his mind more sharper than who don’t read books.

8. When we think a lot about something then our mind stop working.

9. In every day 60 to 70 thousands thoughts comes in our mind. In this 70% thoughts are negative and only 2% thoughts are those on which we think deeply.

10. We are able to use only 5 to 6 percent of our mind in whole life.

11. Our mind get develop 95% upto 5 year and it takes 18 year to develop 100%.

12. Mind is most omentum part of our body. It consist 60% omentum.

13. Those children who learn two languages till 5 years. Their mind structure is different from normal child.

14. First information about mind received from 6 thousand old suber.

15. With the help of yoga we can reduce tension of our mind upto 80%

16. In a research which held in Chicago find that only smell of apple can reduce tension and headache.

17. Men uses their mind 10% more in comparison to women.

18. The weight of mind of normal person can be 1500 gram.

19. 5 parts of our mind work together when we laugh.

20. Human mind is pain free because there is no vein in our mind.

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