31 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Technology Facts

31 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Technology Facts

The new inventions of technology has helped a lot in transforming the lifestyle of people, if humans today have reached the moon and mars, it is all about technology, but technology has not only positively influenced people’s lifestyle. Some of its negative effects are also on the lifestyle of man, but in this competitive society, if a person has to continue moving forward then the technology will have to take help. Some interesting facts which are linked to technology and how it has helped change our world and make lifestyle easier-

1. According to one figure, it has been found that daily 160 billion email send out of which 97% are email spam.

2. The word WWW which is called the World Wide Web created in 1990 by Tim beeners Lee

3. Three of the world’s largest companies, Apple Google and hp companies, started with a garage, even Amazon also started at a small level.

4. At present, the total number of people in the world is 7.5 billion, out of which about 5 billion people have mobile.

5. 20% of all the videos uploaded on YouTube are related to music only.

6. The HTC company that makes mobile at this time had the dream of creating an Android phone first but it could not do it.

7. Which mouse we use on computers nowadays, it used to be a wooden mouse.

8. Where people in India use mobile to make most calls, there are 80 million people in the USA who use mobile only to run the internet.

9. Though human blinks 20 times their eyes in a minute, when they sit in front of computer, this figure decreases to just 7.

10. Microsoft window tutorial is also known by another name and its name is “crash course”.

11. Google’s power consumption is about 15 billion kilowatt. This power is so much that many countries operate their work even under less electricity.

12. Mosaic is the first browser that was released in 1993, then this browser was also a huge hit.

13. Google’s search engine produces so much carbon dioxide (CO2) that we can boil the tea in the kettle.

14. If you find any bug in Facebook, then Facebook gives you $ 500 reward.

15. Where on one side the whole world is a Twitter and YouTube addict, the same thing in China is the Ban.

16. We all know that China is very much ahead in the field of technology, but here we want to tell you that 70% of all mobile phones currently in the world are made in China only.

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17. The message that we send in mobile by text, 90% of the messages are read within just 3 minutes.

18. Nokia Company’s first mobile was released in 1980.

19. Facebook, which is currently the largest platform of social media, its color blue is because Mark Zuckerberg can not see red and green colors.

20. Today only almost 25% of the people, who use keyboards in the world, can type without seeing the keyboard.

21. If you also use mobile phone while charging, then due to this the risk of damaging your battery is high and at the same time there is a high risk of battery burst, hence days the charger lead is given so small.

22. More than 200 million computers are traced every year in the USA.

23. Cabir A was the first mobile virus that was found first in mobile, it was first found in 2004.

24. Amazon, the world’s largest online company, was known as the first Cadabra.

25. We have to pay money to buy the domain today, it was available free before September 14, 1995.

26. Where TV took 13 years to reach the number of people who took just 4 years to reach the Internet.

27. The first banner ads on the website were shown in 1994.

28. The eBay Company deal around $ 680 every second.

29. Nowadays, the need for mobile people has become such that 90 percent of people keep the mobile just so close to themselves that whenever they want their hands to reach their mobile.

30. Email which is used for mail service is the world’s oldest web.

31. Spam Mail also way of earns some money. Anthony Greco was first person who was arrested in 2005 to send spam mail.

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