28 Interesting facts about Germany

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Germany is far ahead of many countries in the world of technology, it is compared in technology from Japan and not only it is a very beautiful country. There are also many worth seeing places. Germany is also known throughout the world for its scientist, here too many Famous Scientists are born.
Even if Germany lost in World War II from America but today it is so powerful that can beat any country. Except this, not far behind Germany in terms of Education today millions of students want to study in Germany while thousands of students from India are studying here. Let’s talk about some facts related to this beautiful country-

1. During World War II, the number of men was dead that there were only 350 men left here on 1000 women.

2. The total area of Germany is only 15,000 square kilometers more than India’s largest state Rajasthan, which means Germany is a very small country but it is very much ahead of GDP, its GDP is the fourth largest in the world.

3. This fact will surprise you how many bombs were kept during the World War in Germany that every year 5000 bombs were discovered from the ground every year and they were defused.

4. If we talk about zoo of Germany then there is a zoo in which about 1500 species of animals are found. The highest number of zoo in this country is that 400.

5. One thing for the German Army is fame that if they get some order that threatens the existence of humans, then they can not even accept this order, they are given freedom to not accept this order.

6. Education in Germany is absolutely free, not just for students here but students from foreign countries can also get education free.

7. Where on one side many countries are not providing the Shelter to the victims of the Syria, Germany’s government has given them the highest refuge in the country, because, Germany has also suffered many such incidents and it knows very well that What happens when it happens.

8. Here the number of Christians is the largest, it means the majority of Christians is highest there, their percentage is almost 60% of the total population.

9. In the case of population, it is the 16th country in the world and the first country in Europe where the highest population inhabited.

10. Hitler would have killed Jews because nearly 66% of the people here were Jewish. when Hitler attacked them, Jews started to flee from the country.

11. During the First World War in Germany, so many people died that 70% of the women were almost widowed.

12. In Germany, the rupee does not run, the currency of Germany is Euro.

13. Germany’s largest city is Berlin, which is also its capital.

14. Germany is the most developed country in Europe and its engineers are also one of the world’s best engineers.

15. Germany is a country that can compete with Japan in the case of technology, here technology is no less than Japan’s technology.

16. The world’s best four wheeler brands are also found here, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VolksWagon, etc.

17. Where India is still longing for bullet train, there is a bullet train in Germany which has been running for many years, hence it is compared to Japan’s technology.

18. The car that carries the world’s largest company is also located in Germany and its name is VolksWagon, the company’s factory makes about 40 million cars every year.

19. A company that we tell above it is so big that the workers in it have to use bicycles and motorcycles to walk.

20. Here is the name of an autobahn road where you can drive as fast as you can. There is no stoppage here. You can run as fast as you want for a four-wheeler, you will not get any penalty for it. Therefore, when about the Germany is spoken, this road is definitely discussed.

21. As we discussed above Driving here is also allowed because it is one of the safest highways in the world. Here the possibility of accidents is very low and here all the amenities are provided which many countries can not think.

22. There is a rule in Germany that if you have been found running away from jail, you will not be punished for this, whereas in other countries it does not happen. If you are found running away from jail, then you will get more punishment for it.

23. The history of Germany has also been very dangerous because here Hitler used to be one who was one of the most dangerous person, whose army used to salute a kind of salute called Nazi salute if this Nazi salute at this time is found, then he is sentenced to 3 years.

24. Hitler had killed more than two million people during his lifetime, and about 60 million of these were jews.

25. Germany’s official name is the Federal Republic of Germany.

27. This country is spread around 3,58,167 square kilometers.

28. Germany’s population is approximately 8,22,93,557.

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