30 amazing Cricket Facts That’ll amaze you

Cricket is a national sport which is played between two teams each of eleven players. It was started in England. The two main developments of 20th-cent cricket were the spread of international competition, as the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and others came in to join England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa after the Second World War. Here are some amazing and interesting facts about Cricket:

1.The game of cricket is originated by England in late 16th century.

2.There are three formats of cricket test, one day and 20-20 and among these 20-20 is the most famous game of the cricket.

3.The length of the cricket face is 22 yards (nearly 20 m) and with is 10 feet.

4.The batting crease is marked 4 feet in front of the stumps at both ends.

5.The weight of the wall is 156 gram to 163 gram.

6.The maximum length of the bat can be 38 inches while width can be upto 4.25 inches while the weight of the bat is in between 1.2 to 1.4 kg.

7.In present time Cricket is played in more than 125 countries.

8.The height of Cricket stump is 28 inches.

9.The headquarter of International Cricket Council (IIC) is in Dubai.

10.The first Cricket test match was played between Australia and England on March 15, 1877, in Melbourne Cricket Ground of Australia.

11.The first ODI Cricket was also played between Australia and England in 1971.

12.In 1922 there were 8 balls in one over but after the second world war, in an over 6 wall has been done which is still going on.

13.There are exactly 42 rules in a cricket game

14.The William Gilbert, one of the greatest cricket player of the world, is considered to be the father of cricket.

15.The first international cricket match was played between the USA and Canada 1844.

16.Cricket started in India in 1932.

17.The first World Cup of Cricket was played in England in 1975, in which West Indies won this world cup.

18.The first world cup of T20 was played in 2007 in which India won.

19.Charles burns, the Australian batsman, was the first batsman in the world who hit the century in the test match in 1877.

20.According to statistics, Don Bradman is the greatest batsman of all time. in his career, he played 52 test matches in which he scored 6996 runs with the average of almost 100.

21.Sachin Tendulkar is the first player in the world who has been given out for the first time by the third umpire.

22.International cricket’s first run is the name of batsman Charles Burn of Australia.

23.The oldest test cricket series is “The Ashes” which is played between England and Australia.

24.Although cricket is born in England it is not won a single 50 over World Cup till date.

25.Chris Gayle is the only player who hit the 6 on the first ball of the test match.

26.Sachin Tendulkar holds the world record for highest number of centuries. he hits 100 centuries in international matches ( 49 in ODIs and 51 in test matches).Sachin also was known as the God of cricket.

27.There is also a player Iftihar Ali Khan Pataudi who played the test match from the two country. he played from India and England.

28.Denia amiss is the first player who hit the century in ODI cricket in 1972.

29.Rohit Sharma is the only player who hit 200 runs in 3 times in ODI cricket.

30.Australia has won world cup 5 times.

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