27 Amazing Facts about Spain

In this post we are going to talk about some of the Spain-related facts. Spain is a country which is known for its peace, love and beauty, throughout Europe and around the world, even during World War first and World War II it did not take part in it, while it is a very powerful country. Here the language is Spanish and besides this other languages are also spoken here and I Want to tell you that Spanish language is spoken more than English in America. Let’s know some more adventurous facts like this that are related to Spain-

1. Spain’s National Anthem is great, it’s very different from all the countries because there is not a single word in Spain’s National Anthem but it’s just tuning.

2. Spain is Europe’s second largest country.

3. Stapler was discovered in Spain

4. There are so many lighthouses in the world, but the world’s oldest lighthouse is in Spain, which was built in the first century and is still used today.

5. Where in many countries the child has to adopt his father’s surname, you are exempted in this country, if you wish, one of your mother or father can use somebody’s surname.

6. When Prostitute of Spain works and stays on the road, they wear a suit of yellow color, so that there is no danger of an accident.

7. Where can you marry only after 18 years in India, in Spain if you are 16, then the girl and boy can marry anyone with her own will.

8. If you say bad things to the royal family of Spain, you can be punished for up to 2 years in Spain.

9. Spain is the world’s third-largest tourist attraction, there are more than 60 million people come here every year.

10. The official name of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain.

11. While on one hand, we see that nowadays there is a lift in every building for the convenience and pleasure, while there are 47 such buildings in Spain which is very heighted but they do not have any lift.

12. While Holi and Diwali festival are very popular in India on one side, such a festival is celebrated in Spain also in which people throw tomato on each other. The festival is celebrated with great fanfare in Spain and it is also main festival of Spain.

13. There is a visa Ireland, where people come from far away, it is the most famous Ireland of Europe.

14. In Spain, the number of bars is very high,
Here, the number of bars is more than two lakhs where all things are available besides alcohol like coffee, snakes, tea etc.

15. The length of Spain beaches is 8000 kilometers and people can roam here without cloth and take sunshine.

16. Here’s another festival which is very popular that is bullfighting, this country is known throughout the world for bullfighting, and we want to let you know that this game is very dangerous and in this game, till now many people have died.

17. Every boy or girl in Spain can undress anywhere There is no restriction on It.

18. Spain’s population is approximately 5 million.

19. Almost 45 percent of world’s olive oil is produced only from Spain.

20. By 2015 and earlier, 14 years for marriage in Spain and 13 years of age for sex was kept, but after 2015, it was changed and it was increased to 16 years after 2015.

21. If we talk about which is Spain’s largest city, here is the largest city Madrid, which is also the Capital City of Spain.

22. Wind turbine invention has also been done by the people of Spain.

23. According to a report it has been estimated that by 2050 the oldest people will be found in this country.

24. This fact will surprise you that people here buy more four-wheelers than mobile phones because the people here are very much interested in Four Wheeler.

25. There is a lot of difference between poverty and wealth in Spain.

26. Spanish is spoken in Spain and it is the second most spoken language in the world.

27. There is 44 World Heritage Site in Spain and Spain has the third number in the World Heritage Site.

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