26 interesting facts about Australia

Australia is one of the strangest, most unique destinations to visit and an Oceanian Country. It is a land of diversity of food and some well loved-weirdness. The term named as “Down Under” is used for Australia comes from the fact that due to the country is in the Southern Hemisphere, “below” many other countries.Here are selection of the fascinating facts about Australia.

Flag of Australia:

Facts About Australia:

1. If a scarf is woven through a wool grown in Australia in a year, it will become so big that the whole world can be wrapped in it 100 times.

2. The wideness of Australia is as much as the distance between London to Moscow.

3. India is producing an Australia every year because the total population of Australia is 25 million and this much population in India increase every year.

4. In Australia till 350-year-old lung fish are found.

5. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and it is spreading around 7.6 million square kilometers.

6. More than 25 percent Australians are born in another country.

7. Dingofence has the world’s longest fencing length is 5615 km. it was made to protect fertile Ground from the wild dogs.

8. “Australia” word is derived from the Latin word “Australian” which means “south”.

9. The seat belts rule in the world was firstly applied in Victoria, Australia in 1970.

10. Australians are very fond of beer. they drink an average of 96 liters of beer each year.

11. There is no religion in Australia.

12. Electricity in Australia is very costly. Australian need to pay highest electricity price in the world and rule towards it also very strict.

13. Most of the fauna and herbs, which found in Australia, are very difficult to appear in any other country of the world.

14. In South Australia, there is a Anna Creek station which is the largest meadow in the world.

15. There are total 16 world heritage sites in Australia.

16. Australia was the second country in the world in which women were given the right to vote from 1902.

17. Almost 1.36 trillion bottles of wine are produced in Australia every year.

18. The problem of obesity in Australia is very high. More than 50% adult are suffering from this.

19. In Melbourne (City of Australia), you cannot Sing dirty songs and if you are singing then its voice should not reach other’s ears otherwise there is a provision of punishment.

20. In 1880, Melbourne was the world’s richest city.

21. The population of Melbourne is 25 million while over 150 million sheep are found here.

22. There is a Pink Lake in Australia.

23. There are around 10,000 beaches in Australia

24. In Australia more than 200 languages are spoken.

25. Australian spend More money on gambling if we compared to other countries.

26. A city of Australia, named as Victoria, a licensed electrician can only change the bulb.

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