24 Amazing facts about the Moon

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The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor and the natural satellite of the Earth which is seen in the night sky- whenever it is there. The first mission to the Moon was by the Soviet Lunar in 1959.Like the Earth, the Moon is unique in some ways and rather ordinary in others. Now let us see some interesting facts about the Moon.

1. 12 people have gone to the moon so far.

2. Scientist believes that moon came into existence the 4.5 million years ago. a mars size body “Theia” collided with earth due to which some part of the earth was split apart that today recognized as earth.

3. People think that the shape of the moon is round but it is not so it is egg-shaped.

4. The moon is nearly 3.8 lakh km away from the Earth.

5. The Moon rotates the earth and it completes its one orbit in 27.3 days.

6. If your weight is on the earth is 42 kg then your weight will be on moon one-sixth of your weight. it means your weight will be there 7 kg.

7. Among all satellites, which we know, the moon is the 5th largest satellites of the universe.

8. The diameter of the earth is 3474 km.

9. For the last 47 years, there has been no man gone on to the moon.

10. Surface temperature of the Moon reaches 125 degree Celsius at daytime, while at night it reaches – 230 degree Celsius.

11. Moon is the only natural satellites of the earth.

12. Moon is the only 27% of the earth’s size.

13. The weight of the moon is approximately 81 billion tons.

14. Only 59 percent moon is visible from the Earth.

15. When Apollo spacecraft came back from the Moon They brought themselves some pieces of Rock those weight were 382 kg.

16. The moon is shifting 4 centimeters away from the Earth every year. now it just takes 27 days to complete an orbit of the earth but after 50 billion years it will take nearly 47 days to complete an orbit of the earth.

17. The size of the moon in comparison to Earth is very small. around 49 moons can fit inside the earth.

18. The full moon is 9 times shinier than the half moon.

19. To talk on the moon is not possible because there is a lack of air in its atmosphere.

20. The signs of the foot of astronauts on Moon have remained for millions of years because there is lack of that atmosphere that erases those signs.

21. Like earth, earthquakes also occur on the moon.

22. After reaching the moon in 1971, Alan Shepherd hit a golf ball and that was fell around 800 Meter away from him.

23. Moon does not have its own light, it reflects the light of the Sun.

24. Water is also available on the moon and it was firstly searched by India.

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