22 The Wall of China Facts

In this article, we are going to talk about the facts about the Great Wall of China. this wall is famous across the world and myriad visitors come to see this wall from the whole world this one is worth seeing because of its defensive architecture let’s try to explore some facts about this wall-

1.This is the longest wall of the planet which is made by the human.

2.Some of the parts of this wall are not connected with each other.

3.To build the wall the material used that is stone, soil, sand, brick etc.

4.The main motto behind to build this wall is to prevent an attack and protect Silk road trade of China.

5.If we talk about the length of the Wall of China then its official length is 21,196 kilometer.

6.The height of this world is not same everywhere. An average height of this wall is 6 to 7 meter while some places the height of wall reaches around 14 meters.

7.On this wall, inspection minarets were also made to keep eye on the enemies.

8.The Wall of China is very strong and it is strong because while making the wall flour of rice was used to add its stones.

9.The Wall of China is started to built in the “Qin Dynasty” in the 7th century under the king Qin Shihuang.

10.This wall is also known as the world longest cemetery because those people who were lazy to the construction of wall they used to be buried in the foundation of this wall.

11.This is the only man-made thing that can be seen from the moon.

12.Every year over 10 million visitors come to see this wall.

13.Chinese people called this wall Channg-chnng wall which means the Wall of China.

14.This wall of China is one of the seven wonders of the world.

15.This great wall of China took over there 2300 years to built completely.

16.The dynasty who made this wall in the last that was “Ming dynasty” and it built around 7000 kilometers in the period of 1368 to 1644.

17.It is said that at the time of constructing the Wall of China around 4 lakh people died.

18.If we talk about the wideness of the Wall of China when 10 people can walk on it simultaneously.

19.This wall has been broken by many enemies and one of them was Change Khan who broke it and invaded into the china in 1211 B. C.

20.This wall was not a tourist place to visit the visitors but in 1970 Chinese government open it for tourists.

21.The purpose behind to built this wall was to protect the country from the enemies but later it was used to transport goods and services from one place to another place.

22.The Wall of China is on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage site. UNESCO add this wall to its list in 1987.

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