20 Facts About Greece

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Greece is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It is divided into the mountainous mainland, the peninsula south of the mainland called the Peloponnese and more than thousands of island around the sea. As one of the oldest civilizations, there are a lot of fascinating Facts About Greece. Here are 21 most interesting ones.

1.It is really amazing that the population of Greece is 11 million while every year early 17 million tourists go to Greece for roaming.

2.Voting is compulsory in Greece if the citizen of Greece is 18 years old or more than this then according to Law he will have to do vote otherwise he will be punished.

3.Greece is the huge producer of the Marble and nearly 7% of whole the Marvel of the world produced from this country only.

4.The Greek language is the mother of numerous English words thousands of English words produced from this language.

5.From the whole population of The Greece 99% population speak the Greek language.

6.The citizens of Greece are very aware of the education because of more than 95% adults are illiterate here.

7.Greece is the world’s third-leading producer of olives. here you can find some old trees of olives which were planted in 13 century.

8.About 80% surface of Greece is mountainous due to this there are zero navigable rivers in Greece.

9.The generator of Olympic Games is Greece there is a city that name is Olympia from where the Olympic Games started in 776 BC.

10.Democracy was also introduced from the ancient Greek this democracy system ran around 190 years starting from 5th BC.

11.In Ancient time Greece was divided into two parts one was Athens and another one was Sparta and at that time if a child lived in Athens then he was sent to school at the age of 7 while if a child lived in Sparta he would be trained to become a soldier.

12.In ancient time the people of Greek were used to practice barely.

13.In ancient Greece the term “idiot” used to indicate that person who is not a politician.

14.Throwing an apple on someone in ancient Greece meant that he loved her or she loved him.

15.From the whole population of Greece nearly 40% population lives in its capital “Athens”.

16.There are 2000 Island in Greece, of whom only 170 people live.

17.The official name of Greece is “the Hellenic Republic”.

18.Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe and people come here to live around 7000 years ago.

19.Some concepts of maths such as Pythagoras, Archimedes, and the Apollonius were also introduced by ancient Greece’s people.

20. Greece is the birthplace of the Great Alexander. He was the ruler of Macedonia.

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